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Master Idea Seeker Richard Cook

He works for Cook + Fox, a company that is designing a green building in New York City. That means they are trying to make a building that is for the people that will work in it and for the environment.


Buildings produce 43% of the CO2 emissions. He said "We have to do something to fix our problem."


This is a model of the building, called One Bryant Park.

Master Idea Seeker Cook had an opportunity to make a difference by designing this building because of hard work and trying to do the right thing.

He told us "Anybody can do it, you can make a difference."

They made a difference when they designed their offices. They have lights that will dim automatically when it is bright and sunny outside so they use less energy.

They have a garden on the roof (9 stories up!). It is nice to look at and it helps save energy by making the roof cooler. They even get butterflies and birds that visit the garden.


The Idea Seekers walked past the actual "green building" under construction in New York City. Here is a picture of the top.

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