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Every two weeks, Dumonde and Skeeter pick a new "kewl" tech toy to vote and speak out on. We use only the Kewl stuff you suggest, so vote on this week's kewl item and let us know what you think.

This Geek Gadget was from December 26, 2001—January 8, 2002


what it is: GameCube

company: Nintendo

what it does: It let you play awesome games with cool graphics! I think Nintendo makes the best games!

why is it kewl? You can use your Game Boy Advance with the GameCube!

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Thanks Hoytami Age: 11 From: Japan for the geek gadget suggestion!

I don't think it is kewl at all. A X-Box system is better! - Rachel - Age: 12 - From USA

i play it at my friends house befor and it was cool - Shane - Age: 10 - From USA

its cool but better for a cool person not a geek - Megahn - Age: 14 - From CANADA

Its VERY KEWL! - Katie - Age: 10 - From USA

its to GEEKY!! - Vincent - Age: 9 - From USA

it is not cool! - Xavier - Age: 7 - From UNITED KINGDOM

It's ok, but I'd rather like a playstation 2 to talk about, but it's ok 4now - Bethany - Age: 10 - From USA


Its looks cool but to find out I need to test it out!!! - Laura - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

The X-Box is way cooler! It plays CD's, DVD's, has a huge hard disk that you can save games or music onto! You can play against their friends via phone line if he/she has one too! - Nick - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

The X-Box sounds better! In fact I have an X-Box and it doesn't need any pesky memory cards although the Game Boy Advance is cool because it has a wider screen, amazing resolution, and 24 bit color which is equal to 16,777,215 colors! - Kyle - Age: 11 - From USA

I think its kind of cool, I've never played on one so I don't know! - Littlemissnicegirl - Age: 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think that this gadget is a WAST OF MONEY because whats the point? I mean you have to pay 100000$ just for somthing to plus into your N64?
why dont you just play the games on the N64 in the first place???? WAST OF MONEY - Jennifer - Age: 12 - From CANADA

it looks fun to play with and i have got something like that and i play on it all the time. - Melanie - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

i tthink it is soo cool awsome, big hit!!!!! - Kramer - Age: 8 - From USA

Its the best and its really kewl its like being in a cube and playing a game!! - Karli - Age: 9 - From CANADA

Am not really into nentendo or playstation so in my opinion its tottaly a not because the only games i play are on the computer or there card or board games. - MICHELLE - Age: 11 - From CANADA

I think this geek gadget is REALLY kewl! My friend has it and it is neat! It's like a sqaure game! - Amanda - Age: 12 - From USA

i think there awesome. i play video games when i ever get a chance for my hands to touch them. even though im a girl doesn't i don't like vidio games. i love them - Alexandria - Age: 11 - From USA

it is so cool, i love super smash bros melee (TM) (T) for teens he he he. its my fav toy in da whole house lol! - Marky - Age: 11 - From USA

it is so cool i like this program - Christyl - Age: 13 - From CANADA

Game Cube:
It is a funky little game console that I think everyone should try out, cos Nintendo is GREAT! And I think that Playstation is rubbish (sometimes,) so anyone that owns one should have a breath of fresh air with this nifty little gadget:) - Cyan - Age: 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

i've seen more better gadgets then that . that is not sooooo kewl - Louise - Age: 10 - From USA

I think that this geek gadget is perty kewl!! - Peppers - Age: 12 - From USA

It looks ok and i would like to have one, but dosent it look like the other nintendo things and wouldn't you prefer to save ur money or ur perants money and buy somethinga that is way better. Once I saw something i like and i really wanted to get it but then i didnt and now i have $166 and too me thats alot. - Phoebe - Age: 11 - From AUSTRALIA

I've played it before and it's AWESOME!!It's really fast and if u lose ur controller u cna always use ur Game Boy Advance! - Sophie - Age: 10 - From CANADA

it is so not cool!! - ANDREW - Age: 10 - From IRELAND

i have an Xbox and it seems good but the game cube is more for kids and it seems ok. its just the Xbox can do more things like play CD 's and it saves your games audomaticly and you dont need a memorie card. you can also play DVDs on the Xbox. i think the Xbox is more intresting but of course if you are a kid don't play games that are rated M or other stuff like that that is not suppost to be for kids. - Adri - Age: 9 - From USA

I looks like it's fun.I never played with one.It seems like alot of people like it because I hear people talking about it (at school). - Abey - Age: 11 - From USA

It's okay, but I don't really like game boy, nintendo etc. There are better ways to spend your day. If you do what everyone else does, even if you don't want to, you will start acting like them and it will get really boring. Anyways, I just think it's better to do what expresses YOU. - Heather - Age: 10 - From CANADA

My frend got one for xmas and he let me look over his sholder and I was jelus! Then he let me play and I was even more jelus cause I want one too. - Jonah - Age: 9 - From USA


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