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Every two weeks, Dumonde and Skeeter pick a new "kewl" tech toy to vote and speak out on. We use only the Kewl stuff you suggest, so vote on this week's kewl item and let us know what you think.

This Geek Gadget was from January 8, 2002—January 22, 2002

Harry Potter Nimbus Two Thousand Broom

what it is: Harry Potter Nimbus Two Thousand Broom

company: Mattel

what it does: It looks just like Harry's and shakes like a real broom!

why is it kewl? It lets you pretend you are a wizard playing Quidditch or just out for a fly!

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Thanks Julia Age: 9 From: USA for the geek gadget suggestion!

KWEL!!!!! - Keke - Age: 12 - From USA

i think they r so cool - Samantha - Age: 11 - From USA

its cool - Leonie - Age: 10 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it's knel because it's cool'n'funkey!!!! - Emma - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

well personally i love harry potter. but that things just a little plastic waste of money. itle probley break within a week anyway.if u wanna impress me, make a real one that can support a human and fly ;) - Kale - Age: 12 - From AUSTRALIA

I think the Geek gadgeta are fabulicious - Alessandra - Age: 10 - From CANADA

i think its dum thats what i think - Amanda - Age: 10 - From USA

I think this is truly a geek gadget!!! I wouldn't get it plus i really dont like harry potter - Ashley - Age: 11 - From USA

I think the Geek Gadgets is a fun way for kids to have fun.I think Harry Potter Nimbus two is a really cool broom for Harry Potter.The movie is really cool you should see it. - Anna - Age: 9 - From USA

i dont think it looks like harrys at all - Alexandra - Age: 10 - From USA

I dont like it but its good for small kids and i dont want to say anything mean anyway instead of a pertend broom i dont need one i have my computer. - Christina - Age: 11 - From CANADA


well I know I love harry potter and all that stuff but this one is too too much. And I personally dont think I would buy this... - Michelle - Age: 10 - From USA

That broom is so UN cool - Anne - Age: 11 - From AUSTRALIA

Its stupid - Gabriella - Age: 9 - From USA

I think its so cool because well i dunno i saw it in the film and i thought it was just SO cool thats all iv gotta say SIYA YOU LOT! - Nikita - Age: 8 - From UNITED KINGDOM

Its okay but it looks like you just play with it one week then you just put it away for years. Trust me i know i have done it,just not with that. - Michael - Age: 11 - From USA

its ok - Ganea - Age: 10 - From USA

This geek gadget is really cool, but personally myself I wouldn't buy this if it
wasn't Harry Potter merchandise because I am POTTER ABOUT POTTER and if you are a real fan of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry potter) and/or the Fantasy itself you would go for anything with Harry Potter on it. - Jess - Age: 11 - From IRELAND

It doesn't do that much.It's like one of those stick horses. - Abey - Age: 12 - From USA

It depends I mean it DOES look like the nimbus twothousand but its just a wast of money what are you gonna do? Play with it for a few days and throw it some where? I think its a waste of money. - Jess - Age: 11 - From USA

I think the broom is kewl cos it looks like a real
broom also i like harry potter so i would buy it! - Kelly - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

It`s okay, but it really dosen`t look like much fun. - Maximillian - Age: 7 - From CANADA

i like it cos its diffrent - Hannah - Age: 9 - From UNITED KINGDOM

Its cool! - Jake - Age: 10 - From USA

i think it is wierd - Stick - Age: 8 - From USA

It isn't that great. If i liked Harry Potter I bet I would have one. - Jon - Age: 13 - From USA

I've never seen such a cool thing - Chao - Age: 10 - From CHINA

I think that this geek gadget is not cool. I personally don't like Harry Potter so I don't like this. - Rachel - Age: 12 - From USA

COOL AND SWEET - Jordan - Age: 8 - From CANADA

as much as i hate harry potter i think its cool - Carey - Age: 10 - From USA

I think it is quite cool because it acts like a real broom. - Melanie - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think that Harry Potter is kool and the books and the movies r and everything, but I think that is is kind-a stupid!! - Kelly - Age: 11 - From USA

It looks really cool and plus I love Harry Potter! - Tanner - Age: 10 - From USA

i love harry potter stuff!! especially quidditch stuff!!! - Tommy - Age: 9 - From USA


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