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Every two weeks, Dumonde and Skeeter pick a new "kewl" tech toy to vote and speak out on. We use only the Kewl stuff you suggest, so vote on this week's kewl item and let us know what you think.

This Geek Gadget was from February 5, 2002—February 19, 2002

Electronic Fib Finder Game

what it is: Electronic Fib Finder Game

company: Pressman Toy

what it does: You play the game by asking your friends questions and guessing if they are fibbing or not.

why is it kewl? It comes with a keypad which tells if your friend is fibbing! You can find out if your friend is telling the truth about something, like if they like someone.

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Thanks Amanda Age: 11 From: USA for the geek gadget suggestion!

it is great i think you did a great job pikeing it! well ill look for the next one. - Emily - Age: 8 - From USA

I wouldn't go and spend MY money on it- it probably doesn't work! - Tricia - Age: 13 - From USA

pretty cool at least thats what i say. - Emily - Age: 8 - From USA

It looks fun to play - ARAMIS - Age: 7 - From USA

it is realy ugly - Jalen - Age: 7 - From CANADA

I't cool - Lucie - Age: 11 - From CANADA

I think it is STUPID because if a kid wants it to be a secret they have a right to keep it a secret. - Autumn - Age: 10 - From USA

It doesm't work! I've got proof... I asked my friend a same question 2 times and the answer from the gadget was different both times and also we both knew the REAL answer... (if my friend had a broken leg..) TRY IT YOURSELF!!! - Sporty - Age: 10 - From CANADA

It's great! - Rachel - Age: 9 - From BAHAMAS

i think fib finder is cool! - Lois - Age: 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

It probably doesn't work! - Futuregirl - Age: 9 - From USA

hi i like that game it is very cool - Lee - Age: 6 - From BERMUDA

i think the truth finder is a good idea, because it can help you find out the truth about what someone else thinks. it's way cool! - Katie - Age: 13 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think its"kewl" 'cause its like truth or dare type of game espescially fun at sleepovers - Polina - Age: 11 - From USA

I hate geek gadget.
- Alana - Age: 15 - From AUSTRIA


This game is like totally like fab.I love it.I play it with my parents,friends and other relatives.You can tell if you r fibbing alot or telling the truth.One game i played i won......The telling the truth one though.I wonder how it does that.Do you know???Well i am just saying this game ROCKS THE WORLD!!! - Teresa - Age: 9 - From CANADA

It is so Cool - Gabby - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I luv it - Aimee - Age: 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

i dont think its a good game becase im scared to tell some things to people...and when i get asked a qestion im scared to answer i lie...people would hate me if i lie. - Chad - Age: 15 - From USA


I've heard about how these things work. When you lie, your fingers get a tiny bit hotter and sweat, but you can't really tell when this happens. That's what the machine detects. - Heatherfeather - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think it's good cos u could always make up your own questions, and if you used it on anyone when you weren't playing the game, you would know everyone's secrets! - Heatherfeather - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think its WICKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Elle - Age: 6 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think the geek gadget is cool. It's like a lie detector test. But i dont know how it knows if your telling the truth or not.But I like it. - Abey - Age: 12 - From USA

I think it is preatty cool. I would like to no the truth from my friends. that would be cool. Luv 2 all Kaci - Kaci - Age: 12 - From USA

How does it actually work because how can actually tell if someone is actually lying or not???? - Emma - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

Its the hottest new toy on the block. - Danielle - Age: 11 - From USA

I THINK IT IS COOL! - JAZ - Age: 11 - From USA

they are cool - Deanna - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think its ok but a bit geeky! I isn't linked up to the person who is lying or not so how does that stupid machine now if your telling lies! A big thumbs down! - Laura - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

i love it
its the thing all children like whether they are from anywhere its funny and cool
- Faisal - Age: 11 - From INDIA

I think the fib finder is NOT knewl because your making them tell ther deep dark secrets that they want to keep to themselfs,and besides, who would want to fib for fun anyway? - Mary - Age: 11 - From CANADA

I don't really like it because if somebody asked you a question and your answer was private you would be stuck. It kind of would feel like people were trying to know everything about you. I just don't like it. Fashion -- yuck. - Heather - Age: 11 - From CANADA

It is O.K i Don't Like It That Much - Sharon - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

This is a cool site good thing I'm registered!!! - Tricia - Age: 9 - From USA

It is koolz!!:-]!! - Kristina - Age: 11 - From USA

It's very cool but some people might won't 2 keep a few things 2 themselves - Hannah - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

It looks cool. I would like to use it on a friend, but I wouldn't like it done on me!(^_^) - Sydney - Age: 10 - From CANADA

This is the first time I am visiting this site. This site is cooooooooooool! for kids. - Deepika - Age: 13 - From INDIA

I think it is COOL! Totally!
I really want that "kewl" gadget!!!!!!!!! - Zainab - Age: 8 - From UNITED KINGDOM

its cool - Krystal - Age: 12 - From USA

I think the toy is really good but I want to know why it isnt doing very well in the poll - Michael - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

it is cool - Jennifer - Age: 7 - From USA

COOL - ANNA - Age: 7 - From USA

I think it looks KEWL!!!!! - Lauren - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

IT is sooooo kewl i totally luuuuv it I sooo wont iiiit...lllllluuuuvv ffrraannkkiiee.... - Frankie - Age: 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM


I think it is really cool and i would love to own one of my very own. - Amie - Age: 14 - From USA

I would like to run the game but I wouldn't want someone else asking the questions! - Billy - Age: 10 - From USA


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