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Every two weeks, Dumonde and Skeeter pick a new "kewl" tech toy to vote and speak out on. We use only the Kewl stuff you suggest, so vote on this week's kewl item and let us know what you think.

This Geek Gadget was from November 13, 2001—November 27, 2001

Spy Camera

what it is: Spy Camera

company: Wild Planet

what it does: You can take pictures of what people do, just like a secret agent.

why is it kewl? It's kewl because you can take a picture and they won’t even know you took a picture.

Check the vote count on this Geek Gadget!

Thanks Stephanie Age: 11 From: USA for the geek gadget suggestion!

I think that the spy camera is cool.... - Kathryn - Age: 8 - From USA

I think it is cool because you can sneak around. - Meghan - Age: 10 - From USA

i think it's funny - Felicia - Age: 12 - From CANADA

I think it's a bad idea because people wouldn't want their pictures taken without knowing!!!Aiso I think it's illegal to
do that!!!In conclusion I don't like the idea! - Ronda - Age: 12 - From CANADA

I think that they are cool, but Riley is MUCH cooler! - Angel - Age: 13 - From USA

I think the spy camera is totally cool! - Adriana - Age: 12 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think it's really quite stupid cause its TOTALLY obvious. Theres only this great big camera hanging off the side of ur head! - James - Age: 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think its kewl! 'cause if need to find stuff out w/ out people noing then i can! cause noone tells me anythin'! So I love this gadget! THANXXXX!! - Melanie - Age: 8 - From ISRAEL

i cannot belive u pplz liking this cam yeah you like it but would u like it when people r taking pix of u??? not me!!! - Blind - Age: 11 - From USA

Well Ijust because Im in the 4th grade does not mean i know what geek gagdet means.
But i think its really kewl. - Katherine - Age: 9 - From USA

Its ok i would not play with it but i no aolt of kids that would nice idea - Karen - Age: 12 - From USA

its cool - Rubin - Age: 10 - From BRAZIL

I think that the spy camera is not kewl because I don't like it. - Bradley - Age: 6 - From CANADA

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!! - Matt - Age: 11 - From USA

i think it is cool and educational!!!! kids com rocks - RACHAEL - Age: 10 - From USA

The geek gadget is so cool, because you can take a pictur with out anyone knowing! - Ashley - Age: 9 - From USA

Cool but not cool - Melanie - Age: 9 - From USA

GEEK GADGET IS PRETTY COOL!I like it thanks for putting it on - Kelly - Age: 9 - From COLUMBIA

Hmmmmm... I've never used one before, but they look kinda cool. But, actually, I think some one would get suspicous if you were staring strait at them with sun glasses on that have a big silver thingy that looks like an eye!!! - David - Age: 10 - From USA

I think it's very mean. It's almost like backbiting. What if someone took a picture of you doing something private, like writing in your diary? Spying is awful. You can go ahead and buy the toy, just don't get out of hand please. - Heather - Age: 10 - From CANADA

I love to take pictures!! This would work so cool! - Lisa - Age: 7 - From USA

Would you want people taking your picture without you knowing? Two thumbs down! - Rick - Age: 8 - From USA


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