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Every two weeks, Dumonde and Skeeter pick a new "kewl" tech toy to vote and speak out on. We use only the Kewl stuff you suggest, so vote on this week's kewl item and let us know what you think.

This Geek Gadget was from November 20, 2000. - December 6, 2000.

what it is:Interactive Yoda

company: Tiger Electronics

what it does:It is like Furby except it is way way better. You can train as a jedi with it.

why is it kewl?:It comes with a lightsaber that interacts with Yoda so you can do different moves.

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Thanks Peter (11, USA) for the geek gadget suggestion!

i think is very bootleg - Ashley - Age: 8 - From USA

i never heard of it but i think it sounds good - Tawny - Age: 12 - From USA

I think it is tizz-ight its the bomb baby - Twalisha - Age: 14 - From EGYPT

I think a very geeky gadget is a Furby it will not keep quiet!One day my Dad was so cross with it he put it in the cupboard,but it was just cheeky back!!!!!!
Well that is what I think it would be interesting to see what other people think.
Bye,Bye. - Sarah - Age: 9 - From UNITED KINGDOM

It's totally cool!!!!! By the way starwars rules!!!! (even though I am a bigger fan for meow-chi,poo-chi, and furby. - Christine - Age: 13 - From AUSTRALIA

cool!!!!!! - Kaitlyn - Age: 11 - From ANTIGUA

I think it's really, really kewl get it kewl. - Sarah - Age: 13 - From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Its cool kindof - Lauren - Age: 9 - From USA

They have a great internet and they a lot of things to do. - Whitney - Age: 8 - From USA

I dont like star wars but this dose look good!!!!! But i have seen all the star wars vidos and saw Episoed one on big screen and i liked it I like furbys but i dont have on - Erin - Age: 10 - From AUSTRALIA

It is soooooooo geekey Star Wars is sooooooooo out of style!!!!!!! - Ashley - Age: 10 - From USA

I think the geek gadget is great I realy want it for christmas! - Gareth - Age: 9 - From UNITED KINGDOM

Well, I geuss it's ok, considering that its a Star Wars toy. I think that you should have some sweet, cuddly toys, and you should change the name "Geek Gadgets". =:) - Tara - Age: 11 - From CANADA

well it's my first time on here in a long time i think geek gadget is the best word for it GEEKY! - Samantha - Age: 11 - From USA

I think you are so cool - Eileen - Age: 9 - From AUSTRALIA

I am definitely not into star wars but the geek gadget is cool. - Kelly - Age: 13 - From NEW ZEALAND

I think that it is cool - QUEEN - Age: 11 - From AUSTRIA

not good not fun - Buggie - Age: 5 - From USA

I don't think it is kewl to by Yoda. Most kids I know wern't old enought to go watch the movie when it came out and now poeple think they are going to make a profit off of a Ferbie wannabe! ya right - Jolena - Age: 11 - From USA

I'm a big STAR WARS fan and yoda is one of the best. I think this toy will be best suited for younger kids and is great value for money. - Korina - Age: 15 - From UNITED KINGDOM

I think that geek gadgets are kewl but, the name GEEK GADGETS is so unkewl so try to give it kewler name just for the sake us children being kewl. We don't wanna be called geeks when they see us bying or carrying it around with us! - Amogelang - Age: 11 - From SWITZERLAND

I think its weird.I think I am cool. - Tra - Age: 9 - From BAHAMAS

I think it is dumb and you need to put a girl thing up to - Rosetta - Age: 11 - From USA

I think it is totally cool, although I am not a Star Wars fan! - Nathalie - Age: 11 - From CANADA

I think it nis so-so
- Jessika - Age: 10 - From USA

I like furby's and I think that this would be SOOOOOOOO kewl!! - Erin - Age: 9 - From USA

I am not sure what geek gadgets is. - Emma - Age: 5 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it sounds like a lot of fun especially the interactive part. - Kyle - Age: 13 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it is mad - Abby - Age: 7 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it would be realy fun to play with because it's like a furby and I really like furbies. - Devynne - Age: 9 - From USA

amo cala sombo that means it great idea - Shambria - Age: 16 - From COSTA RICA

I think it is awesome and kewl. - Melody - Age: 13 - From USA

I think it is dumb because not alot of people like Star Wars including me! - Kaitlin - Age: 10 - From USA

I think that this geek gadget isn't really that cool. Nobody really liked the Furbies, so why make something EXACTLY like a Furby? - Kate - Age: 11 - From USA

This geek gadget is probably pretty fun, but I am not really into Star Wars so I don't think it would be very fun - Lawton - Age: 10 - From USA

I think it's kewl cause u can actually interact with Yoda and u can learn kewl lightsaber moves.(Plus, I'm a HUGE Star Wars Fan! GO YODA!) - Marcelle - Age: 14 - From USA

I have a furby!they are kinda boring I think they would not be boring! - Amber - Age: 10 - From USA


IT ROCKS!!! - Willow - Age: 11 - From USA

It's wonderful. - Rahul - Age: 6 - From INDIA

i think that it's good it's great i like it - Chantelle - Age: 10 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it's really cool! I want 1 for X-mas! - Jacky - Age: 5 - From UNITED KINGDOM

i THINK IT WOULD BE REALLY FUN!!!! - Colleen - Age: 10 - From USA

I'm not actually into Star Wars and Yoda, But for People who are, Well I hope you enjoy it!
Ta Ta!
And special Hi's to: Monitor Ken, Melissa,Olivia,BlackRage,Lee,Mandy,Josh,Chris,Brian, And lotz more!!
Tchau! - Lyndsey - Age: 10 - From USA


I think it is stupid because I dont like Star Wars. And it could give little children nightmares. And they will always hate little green things. - Jacqueline - Age: 11 - From USA

It is toatly geeky I mean star wars is toatly out of fashion.Pokemon are a lot better - Bec - Age: 11 - From AUSTRALIA

I think it is a geek's toy Only geeks play with action figures. Furbies are way cooler cause they can speak and you can teach them tricks!!So what if it has a sword!
- Megan - Age: 9 - From AUSTRALIA

Hi. Well, I think that this geek gadget is ok, but I really like FURBY's. This might be kewl, but I dont like n e thing to do with Star Wars really. It would be awesome if it was something cute like a o i dunno, a horse or something. N e ways, I would like 2 say hi to my friends Sarah and Spenser! Hi peeps!!! C ya lata. - Tiffany - Age: 12 - From CANADA

that Yoda thingy is so DORKY!!!!!!!!I mean it is just so stupid.It is so expensive.That is just too stupid - Jennifer - Age: 16 - From USA

I think it is dumb because it is a boy toy and i hate boys (no affence but i do) - Melissa - Age: 12 - From USA

it's cool man way cool - Leanne - Age: 8 - From IRELAND

i love it!!!!!!! please put it up!!!!! thankyou - Lauren - Age: 8 - From USA

I think that is realy kewl but it from star wars i like devin - Tammy - Age: 10 - From USA

I think the geek gadget is neat. I like furbies , and I like Star Wars too. I think this gadget is a good example of fun interactive entertainment. - Krista - Age: 12 - From USA

i think its raely cool for boys but i wouldnt want it since im a girl but my brother would like it he loves star wars but still its realy cool interactive yoda that trains you you dont train it thats cool realy cool thats the best if i were to grade by 1is the worst 10 is the best i would rate it a 9 3/4 its realy cool thanks kids com your the best. seeya kids com..... - Alex - Age: 9 - From USA

i think this weeks geek gadget is kewl - Lindsey - Age: 12 - From USA

I think it is very unkewl actually i think it is stupid - Abby - Age: 9 - From USA

I am not realyy into star wars so I don't think much of it. I am a Star Trek fan. - Kaylee - Age: 12 - From CANADA

IT's Prety Cool but the Sword thing ruins it and Furby is rubish - Pete - Age: 13 - From BARBADOS

I saw the movie that Yoga was in. Yoga was my favorite character. He comes with a light saber and light sabers are really cool. The character is cool also. This as acool toy plus cool accesories. This should be the newest "Geek Toy!" And any ways I'm a girl, and I'm not saying ewwwwww! - Lourdes - Age: 9 - From USA

i'm not that in to star wars,so i don't like it much.if i did like star wars,i would like it more though.i liked furby because it was for everyone,not just star wars fans.also,just because this thing does something with a light saber,it's not as interactive as furby. - Katelyn - Age: 12 - From USA

I think it is prety COOL myself

PS If your going to send a letter back an AUSTRAILA WEB SITE of this. - Ben - Age: 7 - From AUSTRALIA

it is cool - Jamie - Age: 7 - From USA

it is not cool it is stupid!!!!1 poochi is the best they are cute even though they are electronic - Heather - Age: 11 - From USA

it is cool but put more games. - Adrian - Age: 8 - From PHILIPPINES

I think that geek gadget will be alot of fun. - Elsie - Age: 9 - From USA

I don't have on of these,but furbys are cool,so these would be to.I prefer the gizmo furbys though. - Kat - Age: 13 - From NEW ZEALAND

i have never seen or heard of it but it sounds pretty cool/kewl - Andi - Age: 10 - From USA


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