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Chatting on, you can talk to kids from all over the world. But you have to Play Smart and Stay Safe to Have Fun! Check out how your chat status changes based on your behavior and get familiar with the rules that you need to follow. Remember to follow these rules or you will lose your ability to chat and may even be banned from the Idea Seeker Universe.


There are three levels of chat status each with a different chat bar color. As a new player, everyone starts out with Good Standing. Then depending on how you act, you can go up to Trusted Status or if you lose your voice to the Darkness you can drop to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level. You will be notified whenever you change your chat level, either when you move up or when you move down a level. Good chat and positive actions are an easy way to move your chat level up.

Starting to talk on you will be able to say most normal words. As you make sure not to say any "Dark Words" you will show you are a good citizen and you will become a Trusted Ally or Trusted Idea Seeker. This trust state will earn you recognition for being on your way to becoming an important citizen and also earn you rewards on the planet Sarillion.

Good Standing - Good Standing players are at the basic level of chat privileges. They do not have as many chat privileges as Trusted status players but are not nearly as limited as the Untrusted Warrior Drone players. At a Good Standing level, players are usually behaving mostly well but occasionally might say something inappropriate or spell words wrong a lot.

You will receive a notice when you are half way to either achieving Trusted status or a warning when you are close to losing chat privileges and going to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level. Good Standing players will type their chat in a white chat bar.

However, if you get tricked by the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos to say Dark Words and become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness (by using swear words, mean or unkind words, talk about unsafe things or if you use a lot of words King Daveau doesn't recognize on Sarillion because of really bad spelling or slang) your ability to chat will get more limited. You will get warnings that you are getting Clouded and you will soon be able to only say basic things like Hi or Bye.

Untrusted Status - Untrusted Warrior Drone level players will receive less chat privileges than others who are either at the Trusted level or the Good Standing level. You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules. Any broken chat rules after becoming Untrusted will continue to slow down your progress towards Good Standing status so be careful to chat nice!

To change from being an Untrusted Warrior Drone you can earn back Good Standing status by offering to help other players with a tour or helping them learn how to make outfits, decorate their house, or grow in their garden by doing two of these four tasks:

  • Can I give you a Smart Play tour?
  • Can I help you with your avatar's outfit?
  • Can I help you decorate your house?
  • Can I help you grow your garden?

You will receive a notice when you are half way to achieving Good Standing status. If you get clouded by the Darkness to say Dark Words and you becomes Untrusted, your chat bar will appear light red and your chat privileges will be very limited.

King Daveau and Queen Keyara are always looking for people willing to fight the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos on Planet Sarillion and around the Universe. People who become fully trusted with behavior on Sarillion that shows they are ready to do more, will be contacted for great opportunities. These are all sorts of things and range from jobs on Sarillion to earn KidsKash, trips to places on Earth, or even visits from staff to their home town on planet Earth to meet great Allies and Idea Seekers in person. Princess Kimma will be suggesting Allies and Idea Seekers on Sarillion who are ready to have these rewards.

Trusted - Trusted accounts will receive more chat privileges than other users in either Good Standing or Untrusted status. In order to achieve Trusted status, you will have to continuously say good, trusted things that help fight the Darkness and make the Idea Seeker Universe a great place to make new friends and meet up with old friends. Any Dark Words or broken rules will automatically reset your status and slow down your progress towards becoming a Trusted citizen so be careful to follow the chat rules!

In addition to chatting according to the rules, you can also earn Good Standing Status faster by asking and performing two of these tasks:

  • Can I give you a Smart Play tour?
  • Can I help you with your avatar's outfit?
  • Can I help you decorate your house?
  • Can I help you grow your garden?

You will receive a notice when you are half way to achieving Trusted status. Once you have achieved Trusted status, your chat bar will appear light green.

If you think there are good words you want to use on the planet Sarillion, then you can suggest them to King Daveau. Just go to the circle of buttons on the bottom right side of the Walking Talking Universe and click on the book symbol under the question mark that looks like an open book. One of our Idea Seeker Guardians will review your request and if approved, add your suggested word or words into our approved chat.

Remember when you chat on

    • Posting personal information is against the rules. It's okay to tell other kids your first name, age, gender, and the country you live in (state, province or territory is ok too), but that's it! It's not safe to give out other information so it's against The KidsCom Chat Rules. This includes your full name, e-mail address, home address, home town or city, school name, phone number, ZIP codes. It also includes other ways people could identify you on the Internet like other Web sites, ICQ numbers, AOL Instant Messenger Names, and any other online messenger service or contact info. It is also against the rules to give someone your password. Giving out your password will get you banned.
    • Asking others for personal information is also against the rules. You can ask others for their first name, age, whether they are a boy or a girl, and where they are from (remember, just the state, province, territory or a country), but remember if someone doesn't want to tell you, then that's up to them! It's against the rules to give out any other information, so don't ask other kids for anything else. This also includes passwords. Asking for another kid's password will get you banned.
    • Using bad language on The Chat is against the rules. This includes any swearing, sex talk and other things too! Any abusive language is considered bad language. That includes cyber-fighting, racist or hate language, talk about weapons or attacking others with magical spells or anything that is mean to other chatters. Even if you are just playing, other chatters might not see it that way.
    • Acting inappropriately is against the rules. We want everyone to have fun in the KidsCom Chat, but you can't do anything that might be inappropriate to do at home or at school -- even if you are just pretending!
    • Impersonating other kids in The Chat is against the rules. Don't pretend to be another chatter because it makes making and keeping friends on KidsCom difficult.
    • Flooding the screen is against the rules. Flooding is when you type long lines of nonsense, or repeat the same thing over and over. It makes it hard for other kids to have fun, so don't flood the chat rooms.
    • Dissing other kids or Monitors. The KidsCom Chat is supposed to be fun for everybody, so don't give other kids a hard time. The monitors are there for everyone so respect them too.
    Everyone in The KidsCom Chat is responsible for knowing and following these rules. If you break one of the rules, the monitors can kick you out. Normally chatters are kicked out for one day so if this happens to you, you can come back on the next day. If you continue to cause trouble, KidsCom will contact your Internet Service Provider and your parents.

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