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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 26, 2007 - Issue #20  
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About an Idea Seeker - Spec

Spec, along with his sister Tra, is very busy. As a Cloud Hunter, he works undercover to fight the Clouds of Chaos and rid the Idea Seeker Universe of the lies they spread about climate change and energy efficiency. He helps others who are suffering from Cloud Sickness by telling them the truth about any lie they accepted from a Cloud. Though his is very busy being a Cloud Hunter, Spec took the time to sit down with us and talk. He's very excited about the Halloween traditions from the Planet Earth that he's learned about.

How did you learn about Halloween traditions?

Princess Kimma told me. She was talking to our Earth friends Dumonde and Skeeter and they told her they were really excited about Halloween. Princess Kimma asked why, and Dumonde and Skeeter told her about wearing Halloween costumes, going to haunted houses and trick or treating. Soon after Princess Kimma found out about Halloween traditions she sent a message to us through a Plant Baby. The message said, "It's never too late to learn!" We came right over and Princess Kimma told us, "We've really got to do these Halloween traditions on Planet Sarillion." Tra and I instantly agreed.

Which is your favorite Halloween Tradition?

I really like dressing up in Halloween costumes, or as I like to call it, Halloween disguises. As a Cloud Hunter, I use disguises so I am not recognized by the Clouds and I can fight them more easily. Having on a Halloween disguise is a lot of fun and makes my job easier. Since Tra and I began wearing Halloween costumes as disguises this past week, we've changed disguises 10 times and have really kept the Clouds confused. This has kept them too busy to be spreading any of their lies. The Clouds have never seen things before like Angels or Cats or Vampire outfits.

What Halloween disguises do you wear?

Well, because I need to keep my identity a secret I change my disguises a lot. I also mix hats and pants and shirts so sometimes I wear a cowboy hat with a vampire shirt so I really create my own disguise. I bought a few Halloween items from Kimma's Care Shop and I mix them with items I already have. The Idea Seekers have educated me about climate change and energy efficiency and one of the best ways to be energy efficient is to reuse items your already have. I'm going to reuse my Halloween items for future disguises.

Have you gone to any of the Idea Seeker Haunted Houses?

Yes, I have and the Idea Seekers have made their Haunted Houses very scary. Tra and I go in groups with other Idea Seekers and we have to remind ourselves that the Haunted Houses are pretend and not really real no matter what it looks like. I thought a Cloud in someone's house was a Ghost until it attacked us and we had to fight it off to keep ourselves from getting Cloud slimed.

Are you looking forward to trick or treating?

I certainly am. I like to feed my Plant Babies, Mo, Mucho and Crewshall a variety of hunger-fighting items. I bet the treats I get for my Plant Babies will be extra tasty. Mo doesn't mind treats that are broken; he always remembers to say thank you even if it wasn't what he was hoping for.

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