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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 26, 2007 - Issue #1  
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Attractions at the Washi Amusement Park

Washi Amusement Park Opens Its Doors

The Cosmic Construction Company is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its brand new location the Washi Amusement Park. "We're all so very happy to have finished construction on the new Washi Amusement Park," said Bob Clavin, company president. "The Park is finally complete. We fell behind schedule when a few of the workers stopped showing up to work a few weeks ago. Fortunately, we got back on track when we discovered Sloth Cloud hiding inside of the rollercoaster." Sloth Cloud, according to officials, had been making the workers so lazy even when they showed up; they were falling asleep on the rollercoaster tracks.

A special Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter Team was dispatched to remove the Cloud from the park. Officials assured the public that the park is completely safe. "But you never know when a Cloud might show up," said Clavin. Visitors should keep their eyes peeled for Cloud activity while they're visiting the attractions at the new park. Allies of the Idea Seekers may enter the park, but certain attractions will only be available to Idea Seekers.

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