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The ozone layer was getting too thin for the penguins, so a few scientists got a big boat and gathered all the penguins on board. The scientists then started the engines. About five hours after they left Antarctica, the ship started making weird noises, noises very similar to an exploding washing machine would make. Soon after the noises started, the massive boat started to shake and rock back and forth like an earthquake. Then sadly enough the engine abruptly shot off and the ship started sinking down to the bottom.

The scientists and the penguins were all trapped and the water started filling out all the air pockets in the ship. Luckily, penguins could breathe under water, but they were still trapped. Then a brave young Penguin named Tuna swam through the boat to find something to prop the door to the outside of the boat open.

Tuna swam up from down below where they were and then started to look in the rooms on the boat. The first room had a big bag in it, so he opened the purple leather bag using his beak to un-zip the zipper. The bag was filled with so much stuff that many things came out and sunk to the floor. He saw two black leather shoes with bars of metal on the bottom. Right of way he figured out the shoes was ice skates. He then quickly swam back down to his family and friend.

His best friend Salmon grabbed one of the skates and they both started prying the door open with the ice skates. About four minutes passed and then the door popped open. All the penguins started to rush out, but then the oldest and wisest penguin Mr. Berg yelled for every one to stay still and to stay calm. Then he got the teenager boy penguins to help escort all the families one by one out of the ship. Then everyone met at the top of the water and talked about where they should go. Then one little girl penguin saw land and in the distance and pointed. Soon after that, everyone decided to swim toward the land. The swim was about two miles and it only took fifteen minutes for the penguins to swim it.

When they got to land they noticed there was sand and not ice anymore. Then people started coming up and taking pictures.

Then Tuna yelled, "Happily yeah, we are on a tropical island."

From there after, the penguins live on the sunny shores on the tropical island with the locals that live there. Everyone was content about it.


Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

After Balance sees Riley, he rushes over. "Riley! You are acting like Gluttony! You must please stop eating and help us fight the other Clouds," Said Balance as he tried to get Riley back to normal.

"In a minute," said Riley in response. "I am awfully hungry, and I can't fight on an empty stomach, you know." But Balance couldn't take no for an answer. One of the Clouds has got a hold of Riley! What could be worse? Well, maybe if everyone was taken by a Cloud, but that's a different story.

So, Balance got some of the other Plant Babies and made up a plan. "Riley, you musn't have Gluttony, as well as Gluttony Cloud. You are an Idea Seeker. We go on wonderful adventures together! We make new friends, eat new things, do new things. You wouldn't want to be all cooped up inside watching TV fighting over cheese snacks while we would be getting ideas, doing fun things, going to fun places, eating fun things, would you?" Said Hope.

"I guess not," Riley said as he started to get out of a slouch.

"It's working!" said Balance to the others. Soon the other plant babies got out a ball, and started playing all sorts of fun games that keep them active. Riley watched, and was longing to get up.

"Right after this meal I promise to get up and play," said Riley. Riley didn't keep his promise. He soon ate 3 whole meals before Confidence spoke up.

"You know, the more you eat, the fatter you get," started Confidence. "And the fatter you get, the more tired you get when you go outside to play."

"The more tired you get, well, you wouldn't be able to go on adventures. And you would not be able to tell us jokes, and you would basically miss out on all the fun." Riley had a worried look on his face.

"Keep on eating, you know, you have to have SOME fat to be able to live, and the more you eat, the longer you live," lied Gluttony.

"That is not true," Persistence started. "If you get really fat, then you probably would live shorter. You get heart attacks very easy when you eat too much."

"I guess you're right," said Riley, as he was winking to the plants. There was a silence.

"Ugh, this silence is way too loud!" Shouted Gluttony just to end the silence. "Hey Riley, how 'bout a few roast beef sandwiches?" said Gluttony to keep hold of Riley. Bt all Riley did was smile at the plant babies and refused the food.

"No, Gluttony Cloud. Eating too much will not help me or my friends, so I am refusing." Gluttony just frowned, slouched and hovered away to the other Clouds.

"Well that takes care of that," said Riley in a proud voice.

"Hey Narrator, did you say proud?" asked Proud Cloud.

"Yes, Proud Cloud, but the story you're starting is a different one."

"Okay, which one? I bet it has lots of ME in it."

"You'll see, Proud. You'll see."




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