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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 26, 2007 - Issue #10  
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This week we met with Tra in a secret location where she was in disguise so that she could spy on the Darkness to find out more about the upcoming attack on Sarillion. Tra is an Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter so she is very good at disguises and finding out things without getting noticed. Sometimes she uses different clothes, makeup and wigs to look different and sometimes she just observes carefully without getting noticed.

You and Spec have been working undercover to get us information about the attack on Planet Sarillion. How are the two of you able to talk to each other without being heard and possibly caught?

Spec and I use telepathy or "mind speaking." Instead of speaking out loud, we use our thoughts to communicate. We know each other so well that sometimes just by looking at Spec I can tell what he is going to do next. While working undercover, we found out that Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud and Angry Cloud are going to be involved in the attack. Not everyone can use telepathy, but if you practice at observing people you can get better at guessing what they are going to do next. This is different than just interrupting people, it requires really listening and watching.

Why do you think Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud and Angry Cloud are involved in the attack?

First, we think Proud Cloud would want to be involved in the attack because he loves all of the attention. If he can get the Pleethars to pay attention only to him and then infect them to think only about themselves and not the climate crisis, he can keep them from finding out about the problems and learning what they need to do about them.

Spec and I are very surprised that Sloth Cloud is involved in the attack because he is so lazy. We even heard him moaning and groaning about attacking Planet Sarillion. He just didn't want to do it even though he hates how Pleethars work to do positive things for their planet and each other. He is important to the success of the Darkness because his Cloud Sickness will cause the Pleethars to become too lazy to make any changes in their lives to be more energy efficient and fight climate change on Sarillion.

Not surprisingly, Angry Cloud is involved in the attack because Angry Cloud hates the peace, harmony and happiness among the Pleethars. Angry Cloud will bring his form of Cloud Sickness to the Pleethars, which will make them fight with each other rather than work together.

Is it hard to be an undercover Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter?

Yes, it is hard in some ways and not in others. One of the hardest things for me is to not rush in right away to fight the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds when I hear about his plans to attack Planet Sarillion. I get upset about what could happen and I want to start fighting right away. My Patience Plant Babies, Needa and Lotsa really help me when I feel that way. They remind me to think first and then take action. When I do that I remember that Spec is working on a plan and we are getting help from other Idea Seekers too. Working together we can fight the Clouds of Chaos and win. The part that is not hard is putting together a good disguise to confuse the Clouds and the people they have clouded. I like to shop at Kimma's Care Shop to get different hairstyles and clothes to change the way I look. It's the only kind of shopping I like to do!

What can the Idea Seekers do to help fight the Clouds of Chaos and the Darkness?

Spec and I are very happy that other Idea Seeker Teams have already started to form to fight the attack on Sarillion. But we need more teams! Any Idea Seekers who are not on an Idea Seeker Team should find a friend (someone they know in real-life or someone they know from being in the Idea Seeker Universe) to be on their team. Idea Seekers who are already on a team can help by asking their friends (or even their fans) to become Idea Seekers and play the Team Challenge. If we have enough Idea Seeker Teams, we can share even more ideas about how to fight the clouded thinking behind the climate crisis and save Planet Sarillion. Teams who help in the fight can win rewards and honors – they even have a chance to win a trip to New York to hang out with really cool people fighting global climate change on Planet Earth.

Thank you so much for meeting us in secret. You gave us some very important information on how to fight the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos. I hope we will recognize you in the future when you are in your next disguise.

I'm happy I could help you learn more about how to help Sarillion. Ooh…Spec just called me! I have to go and join him! We will have more information on the upcoming attack soon!

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