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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Carys, 7, Malaysia

Hope asks Dumonde, "Why are you so unhappy?" Dumonde answers, "Someone has taken my CO2 air capture machine, and I think I know who it is!!"

"It couldn't be the Idea Seekers, because they are your friends." said Hope.

"I SAID I KNOW WHO IT IS!!!" shouted Dumonde at the top of his lungs, as he started off.

Hope followed him until he reached his destination. Uh oh, thought Hope. She went in front of him and said that even that he was clever, he couldn't be ALWAYS right. When Dumonde refused to listen, she told him about the times he spent with the Idea Seekers. He thought about it, and he sadly went home. When he reached home, Hope let out a giggle. His C02 air capture machine was at his doorstep! Attached to it was a card. It said, "Dumonde, I am sorry to have taken your invention. I thought it was a musical instrument for me. I went home with it and I couldn't play it, so I returned it. Your Friend, Skeeter."

After they had read the message, Hope hopefully looked at Dumonde. Dumonde looked at her, knowing she had helped him and smiled at Hope. Write Me A Story

Cona, 8, United Kingdom

Lee was too young to be a musician. He tried his hardest to become a successful musician; eventually his dream came true, on January 13th, Friday.

Years back, Lee's Granddad, Denis, was a great musician. Denis learned to play the piano when he was only ten. Since then, he played concerts until the day his career ended. Denis was playing the piano in front of an audience of 200 On Thursday 12th, but he wasn't nervous. He sat at his grand piano, and played. He played a lovely song of doves and sunsets. As he played the crowd all cheered him on, and he was delighted. He heard the sound of the clock strike 12:00. At that point, his chair collapsed below him. He bumped on the floor, hurting himself.

The crowd stopped supporting him and laughed. Denis was so embarrassed he ran offstage and his career of a famous musician was over.

Lee loved performing in front of his mum and dad. It made him feel special. Soon he had music lessons and learned to play the piano, he wasn't that good at first, but when he turned 14 he was brilliant! As a birthday present his mum and dad bought him tickets to a classical music show. He wasn't too sure about it being exciting, but he went. The famous musician played in the great concert whilst Lee sat almost at the back.

The famous musician yelled out to the crowd, "Anyone want to be a famous musician like me?" Lee was one of the people who cheered. The musician walked up to Lee and asked, "Do you want to be a musician?"

Lee Replied, "Yes, it's my dream."

The musician guided Lee up to the stage where the musician asked, "What instrument can you play?"

"The piano," Lee replied.

The musician sat Lee at the piano and told him to start. Lee was very nervous about performing in front of so many people, but he played. He was playing very good when Lee's grandfather, Denis, burst into the room. "Lee!" He yelled.

Lee stopped playing and looked at Denis.

"Watch out... move!" Denis yelled to him.

Lee was confused. He looked up to see a massive piece of metal falling from the ceiling, coming straight at him. Lee jumped out the way, but the piece of metal destroyed the piano. Everybody rushed out the room, but Lee stood up, and limped towards the door. He heard a sound, "Help!"

Lee walked towards the sound and saw a girl trapped under a piece of metal. Lee quickly helped her out. When he laid eyes on her, he fell in love. Lee and this girl walked out of the room to see Lee's grandfather.

"Are you okay? That solar energized generator almost fell on you!" Lee's grandfather said.

"I guess Friday the 13th isn't so unlucky after all." Lee said.



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