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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 13, 2010 - Issue #100  
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Skeeter cured just in time for Halloween!

Thanks to the efforts of Idea Seekers and Allies during the last Training Mission, Skeeter has made a full recovery from cloud sickness and has gotten his garden back in order! "Man, I was in a real bind there!" says Skeeter. "My head was dizzy from the Clouds and my stomach was singin' the blues because of all the candy I overate! But thanks to the work of Sarillion's Idea Seekers and Allies, whoo! I'm back and on track!" You can read the entire interview in About an Idea Seeker in this issue!

However, that doesn't mean the Clouds have left Sarillion behind. While Sarillion continues to celebrate Halloween (and while we're on the subject, what do you think of all the decorations all over Sarillion this month? Pretty awesome, huh?), the Clouds continue to cause chaos. So this week's Training Mission is focused on making sure the evil gas balls don't ruin a great holiday! "Hey, y'all, you saw what those wack Clouds did to me all month," Skeeter says. "Help us fight back and make sure we have the raddest Halloween ever!"

Sarillion Monitor

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