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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 13, 2010 - Issue #100  
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About an Idea Seeker - Skeeter

Skeeter, you're looking an awfully lot better this week. How have you been?

Aw, dude, you ain't kiddin! Sorry about that interview last time; Gluttony Cloud really had me under his spell! All running around, stuffing every piece of food I could find into my face...I got so sick! Gross!

How did you finally beat him?

It always takes help from your friends, you know? Dumonde is so clever-he asked Kimma to bake me some cookies and snuck them into my garden. I don't know if you've ever tried Kimma's cookies,'s just say that chocolate and meatloaf don't belong in the same cookie! That put me off sweets for a long time, and helped me realize just how awful my eating habits had gotten!

And how is your garden looking now? We stopped by a few days ago and everything was wilted!

Oh yeah, I really let everything slide while I had Cloud Sickness. Well, now that I'm better, I pulled out all the weeds, and I have new seeds planted for Halloween-corn, pumpkins, all that stuff. And I've been playing them smooth grooves on my sax. You know what they say-sing or play music to a plant, it'll grow faster!

So you're getting ready for Halloween? Do you have a costume picked out yet?

I'm still thinking about it! I heard Kimma's working on some great news ones that will be on sale for KidsKash in the next week, so I may want to wait to see them. I heard one of them will be a werewolf costume! AWOOOOO! Hahahaha!

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