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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Lauren Adobe - Age 9 - From AUSTRALIA

we should research more about wetland animals so we can know what they eat, why they live in wetlands, what kind of water do they live in and we can also ask some perfecanle researches and mabye we can help the animals from that infomation (if your mum lets you). So why not give it a try and tell everyone else on kidscom and hopfully all the wetland animals will be safe.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Lisle Zest - Age 9 - Team Pink Sea Horse - From FINLAND

Sea Horses are like Leafy Dragons, but more conficated. Boy sea horses carry the little sea horse, and mother borns it. Sea horses have great Team work! They're so cool!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter sits outside the music store window where the shiny new saxophone he wants is on display. Kimma meets up with him and says, "Wait, Skeeter, what about the sax you built out of recycled parts? It plays really well!" "It's JUNK!" says Skeeter. "I need the one in the window! It's made from the best, newest materials!" Desire Cloud is affecting Skeeter! Can Kimma use a Gratitude Plant Baby to talk him down? Write the rest of the story.

Kimma thought she should get him out of this nonsense but first she went inside the store and asked how much is that big shiny saxophone in the window? That would be $600. Six hundred dollars that is an awful lot! Could i get it for five hundred dollars? No six hundred is my final offer! Okay six hundred i will pay but you must promise to tell nobody i was ever in this store okay ? Okay.

Kimma walked out of the store and asked Skeeter what happened to that brand new shiny saxophone? I do not know? said Skeeter looking puzzled. I was wondering when is your birthday party? Tomorrow but it does not any longer matter because there is no big brand new shiny saxophone so now i do not want anything that saxophone was the only thing in the hole world i actually like! Well may i come to your party i am sure i can make you happy there. Okay fine!

Kimma walked back home and ran up to her big blue room and started to get out her giant art box soon she brought the saxophone up and started to cut, tape, paste, measure, glue, tie, and wrap soon the saxophone was very nicely gift wrapped for his birth day party tomorrow. The next day at the party she was the only one there besides Skeeter. He announced it was time to get the presents then his mom and his dad came in to give him presents his mom got him a scooter and his dad got him a boy's camera. But when Kimma walked up he opened the box immediately and yelled, Hurray yes i am so happy you got me this where did you get! I got it in the music store this is the saxophone in the window you wanted! Why didn't you let my parents buy it i wanted to use it so badly that day and you would have made me happier. I guess so but i wanted you to know to not act like Desire Cloud and you had a lesson well learned so congratulation and surprise! Write Me A Story

Hannah - 10 - AUSTRALIA

It was the day of our town's harvest festival. I was really excited. I had always been into farming. My family had been planning it for months. I only had one friend who shared my interest with farming. She was crazier about farming than I was, which I didn't think possible. She was going to be a gardener when she grew up. Her name was Jess.

Anyway, I was talking to Jess when I noticed our scarecrow had moved from its original spot. I excused myself from the conversation and went to find my mum, but I saw a little booth for caramel apples, and bought one. I started eating it when I found my mum.

"Did you move our scarecrow?" I asked her.

"No, has it moved?" she replied, looking around.

I frowned and went to find my dad, when I saw the scarecrow had moved again. What was going on? I turned around, and almost dropped my apple. Jess was standing right there. I smiled at her and kept looking for dad. I found him wandering around. I asked him if he had moved the scarecrow. He said no, looking around. Had no one noticed it had moved? I went looking for someone else who might have moved it, when I saw my little brother carrying it around. So it had been him who had moved it, probably thinking it as one of his toys. I went to eat my apple, and found it wasn't in my hand. I looked around, and found it in the dirt. I went to my older brother and gave it to him. I smiled. This was turning out to be a really fun day.

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