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Allies wearing KidsKash clothes? It's coming!

Hi everyone! It's me, Dumonde! We're well into Sarillion's month-long Halloween celebration, but there's more to come! Some really cool new Halloween costumes are going on sale next week, and they'll be available for KidsKash! And guess what? Allies will get to wear them too!

What? Allies will get to wear different clothes?

That's right! Starting on Wednesday Oct. 20, new Halloween items will be on sale for KidsKash, and that means that Idea Seekers AND Allies will get to wear them! Isn't that awesome? This has never been done before! It's historic!

Here's what else is happening for Halloween the rest of the month. This is gonna be insane!

Thursday Oct. 14:More decorations for your House and Garden!

Monday Oct. 18:The annual Sarillion Costume Contest opens! You can enter the contest through your Idea Seeker Home Page. (Note: You must be an Idea Seeker to enter.)

Wednesday Oct. 20:Brand new Halloween Costumes go on sale!

Friday, Oct. 22:Trick or Treating in your Idea Seeker House begins! Buy a Trick-or-Treating Bowl in the Halloween Decoration Store to invite people to your House and get free Plant Baby Hunger Items. (Note: Idea Seeker Houses only, sorry!)

Tuesday, Oct. 26:Voting for the Costume Contest starts!

Monday, Nov. 1:The winner of the Costume Contest will be announced!

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