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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 2, 2010 - Issue #101  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Duffi Dinks - Age 10 - From UNITED KINGDOM

come on evrybody lets change the enviroment,as you have heard many animals are appering to vanish in the wetlands.We should change this!you know that the wetlands are losing water in the rivers and streams so the animals are becoming egstinct please help you know you can do it!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Lisle Zest - Age 9 - Team Red Butterfly - From FINLAND

Butterflies are little
creautures. first egg,
then caterpillar, then
cocoo, then butterfly!
Some are moths, too!!!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Shey Ghast - 10 - Team Red Butterfly - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

The story continues from this beginning:

The members of team [YOUR TEAM NAME HERE] head to Skeeter's House to help weed his garden! But when they get there, Skeeter is in his garden gorging himself on candy and sweets! And his garden is overrun with weeds! Oh no! Gluttony Cloud has caused Skeeter to eat too much junk food and now he's too sick to work! What Plant Baby can the members of [YOUR TEAM NAME HERE] use to help Skeeter? Write the rest of the story.

The members of Team Red Butterfly are trying their best to cure Skeeter and then weed his garden. They need to do it quick before Skeeter stays like this forever. So, the Plant Babies Joy and Hope try to cure him themselves but sadly they got clouded too. Then, the whole team of the Red Butterflies, Kimma, and her other friends had started making plans quickly. "What can we do?" Kimma said. "I'm guessing we should ask other Plant Babies to cure tham altogether", said one member of the Red Butterflies. "All of the other Plant Babies are lost!" another member said. Skeeter was still at home sick and alone, but luckily someone showed up.

"What's going on?" the mysterious person said. "Umm, who are you?" Skeeter said, feeling extremy queasy. "Well,I can't tell you", the boy said. Then, the Red Butterflies, Kimma, and other people showed up. They didn't know who the boy was either. The boy ran and half of the people chased him and they got clouded. Kimma and the other people had the mysterious plan and no one knew but them. She made a secret formula to cure Skeeter. He was cured, but bad news showed up. Gluttony Cloud showed up!

"You may have cured him this time, but your precious Plant Babies won't be cured!" the cloud said, laughing evily. But Skeeter and the group stopped the cloud from clouding the Plant Babies to make them sick forever. They all used their superpowers combined to make Gluttony Cloud vanish.

"Hooray!" they all cheered. After that, they weeded the plants in Skeeter's garden. When the got done, they all invited people to celebrate for saving Skeeter. Write Me A Story


One night really far away lived a vampire in a really spooky haunted house. He had guests joining him for dinner. There was William the Werewolf, Frank the Frankenstein monster, Grinda the Ghost and the most ugly Hagretta the Witch. Hagretta the Witch was always mean and nasty and liked to do nasty things to different monsters in monster village, however the others were mean and nasty when they had to be mean and nasty.
Vampire Victor wasn't sure if he wanted Hagretta at the party, but then he thought that if he didn't invite her and she found out, that there was a dinner party going on at his haunted house and she wasn't invited what would she do to him because she would do something to him alright! After they had their dinner, Hagretta the Witch got up and went in the scary living room and kept on touching Victor's things. Then it came to the part that she dropped Victor's special horrid ornament and broke it. Victor then became really angry with Hagretta and shouted at her for breaking his things, and that made Hagretta angry and then she said a magic evil spell, "Vampires vampires! They hate garlic, it makes them smell and shiver in cold like the Antarctic, so instead of blood pizza why don't you try some stinking garlic pizza."

At that point garlic pizzas flew every where hitting poor Victor and mostly got his coat and his cape so he ran out of his stinking, shivering, cold, haunted house and went to the Be a Good Looking Monster Costume Shop, that was where all the monsters get their horrid clothes.

"Can I have a horrid black cape just like this one only doesn't smell like garlic pizza and a blood made red coat just like this one only doesn't stink of garlic pizza."

"I'll see what I can do," said the zombie costume keeper and got him a new cape and coat. "These are the last cape and coat in stock," he said. "So don't come back for any more until a month passes."

"I'm sure I wouldn't," said Victor.

Then left his stinking clothes in the costume shop and tried on his new cape and coat then he still smelt a little of garlic pizza, so put his blood perfume and found that it all came out in runny garlic pizza. Victor was nearly sick and then heard a cackle from Hagretta the Witch and he had to be stuck with garlic pizza smell for a month, which made Hagretta laugh even more.

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