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Get your Team motivated for the Turkey Day Super Supper Search!

Hey guys! It's me, Dumonde. Are you busy earning food items to donate to the Turkey Day Super Supper Search? Remember, the Team that donates the most and earns the most Team Points by November 24th will earn special clothing items just for you and YOUR Teammates! Get your teammates motivated to earn points with these helpful hints.

  • One of the steps this week is to grow Idea Seekers Potatoes, Onions, and Snap Beans in your Garden. Motivate your teammates by sending them potato, onion, and snap bean seeds as gifts! You can give all your teammates seeds as gifts for FREE this week by clicking on the purple bow button next to your teammates' names on your Team page!

  • Every day, the item you need to find and click on Sarillion will move. If you find it, let your teammates know where it is by posting a message on your Team message board!

Remember-new challenges will be posted every week for three weeks until the Supper Search ends on November 24th! Time's flying! Get out there and find some food to donate!

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