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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 30, 2010 - Issue #102  
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Fulla, Queen Keyara's Gratitude Plant Baby

About an Idea Seeker - Fulla, Queen Keyara's Gratitude Plant Baby

Well, Fulla, it's been quite a busy Month of Gratitude, hasn't it?

Hee! You know it! Man, have you been inside the Palace this month? It's been all abuzz with the Turkey Day Supper Search business! There were times I thought the King and Queen may collapse from all the stress. Pretty sure I saw Angry Cloud floating around at one point too! Yikes!

Really? Angry Cloud? What happened?

It's just that there was so much to organize for the Supper Search that the King and Queen would get really frustrated if something didn't go exactly as planned. Getting the new games like Sandwich Shop set up came with a few snags, and of course Greedy Cloud was attacking all over the planet during the mission! It was up to Plant Babies like me to remind the King and Queen that kids all over the planet were working really hard and that there was lots to be thankful for!

What's the quote you always tell people? "Gratitude is a ladder that helps you out of dark holes?"

That's the one! There were a few moments there where I thought someone in the Palace would get too stressed out and become clouded by Angry Cloud, but Princess Kimma posted that saying all over the Palace in the last month for the Month of Gratitude, and that seemed to help a lot!

So what do you have planned for the Beach celebration this week?

I can tell you one thing that we have planned: FOOD! Lots of it! Hahaha! But not too much, because then the Balance Plant Babies may have to work overtime to fight Gluttony Cloud! Haha!

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