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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 30, 2010 - Issue #102  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Ami Epics - Age 11 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

i learned in school about habitats and how natural enamies are good for the environment to even out the animals so everything wont die. if there arent any grasshoppers the birds will die and if there arent any birds theyre prediters will die and so on.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Kimi Flips - Age 9 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Hi, I'm Kimi Flips. this is about dolphins, there are social animals. they live in groups/packs,they are also the smartest animal in the world! Some dolphins are smartest than humans, are they!? Dolphins are playful and friendly. Some of them actually ever saved people from shark attacks! and if one of the group is attacked by a shark the other member of the group will help it by hitting them! Well, that's all I know about
dolphins, oh yeah I almost forgot,they are mammals not fish! In the water they breathe with nostril but, in the surface, they breathe with their nostril and a hole on the top of the head! that's all I know! thank you for hearing my article!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Lisle Zest - 9 - FINLAND

The story continues from this beginning:

Kimma and her parents, King Daveau and Queen Keyara, are collecting food for the Turkey Day Super Supper Search! However, when they get to the Restaurant to deliver their haul, Kimma's food bag is suddenly empty! As King Daveau and Queen Keyara try to figure out what's going on, they overhear Kimma planning things she can try to cook with the potatoes, snap beans, and onions she stole from her own food bag! Greedy Cloud has attacked Kimma! Can her parents use a Gratitude Plant Baby to cure her? Write the rest of the story.

Queen Keyara knew that Kimma was the baddest cooker. "Daveau,
you know that.." Keyara started. "Kimma's baddest done activity is cooking!" "Gasp!" Daveau gasped. Keyara cried,
"Poor Kimma! She is after a Greedy Cloud-attack!" "She is?"
Daveau asked. "Yes, dear, cause our Kimma is cooking them!
Let's take a look and quick before she cooks them!" Keyara
replied. They peaked from the corner. "She is looking for her
recipe book! Whatever can we do!" Daveau cried. "And, her bag contained 80 snap beans, 78 potatoes and 67 onions!" Keyara explained, worried. "And that's over 160! I only had
8 of each!" Daveau said, angrily. Keyara calmed, "Now, now,
dear, I'm sure it isn't our Kimma's fault, I'm sure it's Greedy Cloud." "A Gratitude Plant Baby, of course!" Daveau cried. "Of course, dear, I thought you would have a great idea," Keyara smiled. Daveau send his Gratitude PlantBaby to cure Kimma. Gratitude cured Kimma with all his might, and then, Kimma was cured! "What---why are my donate plants on the cooking pan?" Kimma asked. She looked behind her. "Hi, Keyara and Daveau!" Kimma hugged her parents. "You had a Greedy Cloud attack. You can take your plants off the
cooking pan alrady," Keyara explained. "Thanks, mom!" Kimma replied. They put the things in the truck, and Kimma never had felt happier before of her most lovely parents in the world ever! So, Kimma listened to them all day long! Write Me A Story


Today was the day that I, Tom Turkey, was going to the barn to sing karaoke. I was so scared because I had never been to the barn before. I went to my friend Mr. Piggy and told him that I was going to the barn and I wanted him to go with me because I had never been before.

When I told him that I was going to the barn he yelled, "The barn, of course I will go with you. The barn is a really fun place to go."

Then I told him the reason why. Then he said, "I love karaoke, I'm the best in the world. I'm just kidding, but I am pretty good. Do you know what song I can sing the best?"

I said, "No."

Then he said, "The Best of Both Worlds, by Hannah Montanna."

Then I laughed and said, "So will you go with me or not."

He said, "Yes."

I was so happy I even did a little happy dance and made Mr. Piggy a cake for going with me.

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