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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Floria Wicks - Age 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

We should use more o2 water levels. we should not take water from the wetlands and find somwere else were there is no wildlife to hurt. We should not use fossil points. All i want is to be able to use water and not hurt the wildlife so thankyou for reading or listening what ever you may be doing right now so thank you!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Melissa Nelly - Age 10 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Baby beavers are born in the spring time an they use there sharp teeth to cut down trees for there homes.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

The leaders of [YOUR TEAM HERE] hold a team meeting to get more of their Team Members to donate to the Turkey Day Super Supper Search! But when they arrive at the Team meeting, no one on the Team wants to help out! "Won't the other Teams take care of that?" One person asks. "Yeah! Let everyone else worry about the hungry kids in Milwaukee," another responds. Oh no! Sloth Cloud has affected the Team! What Plant Baby can the leaders of [YOUR TEAM HERE] use to cure their Team? Write the rest of the story.

"Hey, hey, hey!" I stepped up. I was almost affected, too, but I fought against Sloth Cloud and tried to stay thinking straight. "Team Members of Team Orange Butterfly- OW!" I yelled as someone threw an apple core at me. I stared at it. What was an apple core doing here? I stared at the trashcan. I hoped someone had gotten it out of there instead of off the ground. I didn't like litter. Then I narrowed my eyes at the person who threw the apple core. "That hurt!" I told Callie Jumpy, the girl her threw it at me. I saw her search for something else to throw. It looked like Angry Cloud was lurking around as well. "Who cares about the kids in Milwaukee? What about us? Do we want to starve, guys? Or other kids?" Someone was yelling. I turned around to the person yelling. It was Destiny Tarok. "Hey!" I said to her sharply. "Would you be talking about your friends like that?" I asked. She blushed and looked away. "Sorry, I lost my mind for a second." She mumbled. "I'd be glad to help." Destiny said and smiled at me. "Well, that's dumb, Destiny." Someone else said. This was going to be harder then I thought. "Hey, Jozyln. Why don't you hold them off and cure some while I go get some plant babies?" I whispered in Jozyln Leafy's ear, one of our Team Leaders. She nodded. I took off running to my house for my Humor since Angry Cloud was coming too. I zoomed into my house and into my room. Humor was asleep in his little bed I made out of recycled materials. I shook him for about 10 minutes. He was grumpy for some reason. "Come on, Humor. Remember how much you love curing people? Don't you want to make people feel good again, and then you'll feel good?" I asked him. "No. Go away." He mumbled. I was shocked. I've never seen Humor act this way. "Has the clouds gotten to you or something?!" I sputtered. Humor rolled over to face me. "No, I just feel sick. I don't want to get out of bed." After he said that he rolled back over and no matter how much I shook him he wouldn't say another word to me. Then I checked his hunger and anti-cloud power levels. They were pretty bad. I felt my poor Humor's head. He felt warm. I thought he WAS sick. I went out to the store to buy some medicine and his favorite foods, Vonta's Ice Cream Sandwiches, Super Burgers, and PB&J Bread for Pondering. And maybe I'd go ahead and get a Pleether's Popping Umbrella. I finally made it to the Hunger Items Shop. The casier lady was very nice. "Um, ma'am, not to be a bother but, may you direct me to the Humor hunger items isle?" I asked. "It's right down that lane in the back." The woman pointed to the lane she was talking about. "Thank you." I said and hurried down there. I found all the stuff I needed. "That would be 20 virtual points please." The lady told me. I paid and hurried down to the Anti-Cloud Power Items Shop. This time the casier person was a man. He wasn't as nice and a little grumpy, but he told me where the Pleethars Popping Umbrellas were. I went there in a hurry and bumped into someone. I blushed. "I'm so sorry, I was in a hurry. It's my fault." I told the girl I had bumped into. She smiled at me. She looked familiar, but I didn't know who she was. "Oh, it's fine. I've been in a hurry before." She replied. The voice told me who she was: Jaye Khoum, the other team leader. "Jaye, it's me. Samantha. What are you doing here?" I asked. She frowned. "Sorry. I had to power up a plant baby. Jozlyn was having a hard time holding off the kids. The poor girl nearly got hit by a shoe." She explained. I smiled at her. "Oh, I see. I'm getting a Pleether's Popping Umbrella for my Humor. Let's not chat, though. We need to hurry." I declared. I got the umbrella and headed out of there. After I paid, of course. Then I went into the medicine shop. The right medicine was on the shelf right near the door. I got it, paid for it, and then I zoomed back home. Now Humor's power levels were at 0. Had I really taken that long? I shook him until he woke up. "What?!" Humor said crossly. I showed him the foods and the medicine. He didn't even smile until after he ate. Well, not really. He still looked grumpy. Then I gave him the medicine and my Humor was himself again! I picked him up and carried him back to the meeting. Jozlyn was dodging items getting thrown at her. "Boo!" Someone was yelling. Then someone threw a baseball bat. "What the heck?! Watch what your doing, your gonna hurt someone!" Jozlyn screamed. I waved my hands, motioning for her to get down off of the small stage. (That we built for someone to make a speech on) I stepped back up and tried to calm everyone down. "Who cares about others? What about ourselves? What about sleeping? Other teams that are dumb and care about them will do that! Not us smart kids!" Someone was yelling at me. I grabbed the mircophone. "Not if your like that!" I yelled back at the person. He was quiet then. "If you all keep being like that, your Cloud Sickness will spread to others and they'll think that too. Then noone will help the poor, poor kids in Milwaukee. They have lives too. If some people don't help them, they'll eventually starve to death. What if you all were the kids in Milwaukee? They depend on us to help them. There all depending on food from us! They depend on people, nice people, to help them out." I said. Someone began cheering. It was Amy Troth. I looked at her and smiled. "Now who wants to help the kids in Milwaukee?" I asked. Half the team began cheering. The other half was booing. I sighed. "Humor, it's your turn." I said. Then I heard Jaye say: "Persistence, it's your turn." Persistence and Humor stepped up to the microphone. Persistence spoke first. "If you were the kids in Milwaukee, you would be starving right now. So, if you weren't here, and you were starving in Milwaukee, you would be thinking about people like you letting you starve to death. Would you want to starve to death?" Persistence asked. The half that was still clouded shook their heads no. Then Humor spoke up. "Then why are you sitting around, throwing items at people trying to help you? That's mean, especially since they're trying to uncloud you. You should be thankful of them helping you when your being so mean." Humor finished. Then all of the team cheered. "Ow!" I yelped as something hit the back of my head. I suddenly got very angry. I spun around, trying to keep a level head. I saw Angry Cloud, shooting some Gummy Gooey Anger Globs. I saw Spec racing at me. I took a deep breath, trying not to let the glob that hit me have any affect on me. It worked. Spec handed me his hoverboard. I jumped on (I've taken hoverboard riding lessons before)and rode right towards Angry Cloud and Sloth Cloud. They jumped out of the way and began running away to the Darkness. But I was too fast for them. I got right up behind them and waba-kicked them away. The whole team was cheering so loud the room shook. I bowed and jumped off the hoverboard. After everyone settled down we all got everyone to donate at least one Turlan Turkey. The End. Write Me A Story


Some say that I have the funniest job in the world, but I don't see what there talking about. I think that it is so boring. I mean all I have to do is protect the Good Kid List. How much fun could that be? I want a little more excitement so here I am looking through the Good Kid List and a little boy walk towards me. I sigh with a tired look in my eyes and stood up as I placed the Good kid list on the table, completely forgetting that I was to not keeping my eyes off the Good Kid List.

"Hey," the little boy replied. "Aren't you an elf?"

Completely shocked that a child would actually ask me this question, I simply denied his question and told him that I didn't know what he was talking about. I quickly turned back to my table and see that the list was missing. In a panic I quickly looked under the table, but there was nothing but gum stuck under the table. I quickly turned back to the little boy, but to my surprise the little boy had already reached the corner of the shopping mall.

"Hey kids stop!" I had yelled as I ran after him. "Come back here with my list!"

I could hear the little boy laughing like an animal. Which just pushed me to run after him faster?

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