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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 5, 2011 - Issue #105  
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Welcome to the Month of Hope!

Welcome to 2011 on the planet Sarillion! A new year is a time for reflection on what Allies and Idea Seekers accomplished the previous year, and there was quite a bit!

  • Idea Seekers and Allies banded together to help cure Kimma of Angry Cloud sickness during last January's Month of Hope
  • Idea Seeker Gardens sprung up around Sarillion in the Spring, with the Farmer's Market arriving in Villach Village shortly afterward
  • Idea Seekers and Allies saved Skeeter from Greedy Cloud in September and October
  • Idea Seekers and Allies banded together to donate tons of food to the Wisconsin Hunger Task Force in November for the Turkey Day Super Supper Search

It was a huge year! King Daveau thanks every one of you for all your hard work in 2010! He's certain that 2011 is going to being even bigger successes to Sarillion! Every month in January is the Month of Hope, dedicated to using Hope Plant Baby to look ahead to the coming year with excitement and optimism. Check out About an Idea Seeker to read about Kimma and her Hope Plant Baby!

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