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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 5, 2011 - Issue #105  
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Princess Kimma

About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

So Kimma, it's the month of Hope-tell us about your Hope Plant Baby.

She is SO wonderful and helpful! I turn to her a lot to help me fight off Angry Cloud sickness, especially when I'm feeling upset about animals that have been mistreated. Just the other day I was at an animal shelter with Tra and there was a kitty there that had a rubber band tied around her foot so tight that it cut off the blood flow to her foot! Who would do that? It's very upsetting, but Hope teaches me to focus on helping and working for a better tomorrow, not dwelling on what someone did in the past.

And you're still thinking of a name for your Plant Baby, right?

*Sigh* Yes, I've been trying to come up with the perfect one, but I just haven't had any luck! It gets really frustrating, but I try to remember that becoming angry about it won't help anything. I know I'll come up with the perfect name for her if I keep myself open to new ideas and keep hope in my heart! Ha! Isn't that funny-I need my Hope Plant Baby to keep me hopeful that I'll find the perfect name for her!

Have you had any ideas yet?

Well, Riley had a few ideas, but you know Riley-he's always a jokester! He suggested some names like "Maude," "Gladys," "Cyclops"...Cyclops? Really? That's so ridiculous!

I'm sure he's just trying to make you laugh to keep you from getting too frustrated.

Yeah, you're probably right. He has a funny way of showing he cares, literally funny. But he really is a great friend. Oh well, I'm sure if I keep thinking about it I'll come up with something! And if any Idea Seekers or Allies see me walking around Sarillion, they should offer their ideas too!

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