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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Edwardo Tombs - Age 7 - From CANADA

All the people should use less water and only use the amount of rainforest or wetland stuff so they can save lives of other animals. Also you can plant trees which will also help the universe. Without trees we can not live so please follow the directions I have gave you above and save more animals. ok bye :-)

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Lisle Zest - Age 10 - From FINLAND

Clownfish have their colored stripes to go to the plant that is the same colored so they can't be seen so probably. i will give Clownfish yummy ish food if i would own one. And i'm the helper to earth, i will help them to live in the see and recycle items from see and put others in bins. Last,i will fight them from the Darkness by getting my PB ready and fighting it!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde has been trying to design KidsKash clothes for Kimma's clothing shops, but Kimma's had to politely tell Dumonde that his designs haven't been all that great. She's been trying to give Dumonde advice about how to come up with cool, original designs, but he's getting really frustrated! "My designs are just fine!" he yells. "You just don't want any of my stuff in your shops!" Uh-oh! Dumonde is stomping his feet to the tune of Angry Cloud sickness! Can Kimma use a Hope or Joy Plant Baby to help Dumonde? Write the rest of the story.

Kimma tries to cure the Angry Cloud Sickness with the Hope Plant Baby, but Dumonde is still really upset, so she uses Joy Dumonde is too hopeful and joyful. Kimma thinks that it is fine for Dumonde to be hopeful and joyful. After a while, Kimma gets annoyed with how happy and confident Dumonde is, so she gets angry and has Angry Cloud Sickness! Dumonde fixes the cloud sickness with the Joy Plant Baby, and Kimma apologizes for not putting Dumonde's designs in her shops. Kimma suggests that maybe they could make the designs together, and they live happily after after. THE END Write Me A Story

Roxy - 11 - United Kingdom

I am going to tell you about the first time I met the red-coated, white bearded man named Santa Claus. I was walking along the aisles in the toyshop near my house looking for a toy for my best friend, Liz. I decided to ask an assistant about what I should get, so I went over to the food court where all of the assistants always are. I couldn't see any assistant though, so I bought a plate of cookies to satisfy my hunger. I put the plate of cookies on one of the cafe tables and went to find someone to pay for the cookies. Again, I couldn't find anyone, so I went back to the cafe, but when I arrived there was a red-coated man sitting at my table eating the cookies I had left.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Who, me?" He questioned. "You should know who I am." He stood up and turned to face me, and then I knew whom he was.

"You know, I want to thank you for the cookies you left me, so here," he took a purple bag out of his pocket and placed it in my hands. "This is for Liz, your friend, right?"

I nodded my head.

"Good, see you next year Maisy."

And just like that, he disappeared.

"He knows my name," I thought.

So you see, you can even see Santa Claus in a toyshop, and I didn't know who he was! So don't always think you can't see him, because, when you least expect it, he'll see you!

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