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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 19, 2011 - Issue #106  
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What's this? A ski hill at the Waterfall?!?

All winter long, Idea Seekers and Allies have been noticing wintry weather on the planet Sarillion. Idea Seekers first saw snow falling in the Idea Seeker Park; later in the month, the snow spread to the Palace grounds and the Persistence Hedge Maze! A few weeks ago the snow moved from the Palace area to, of all places, Manabel Beach, which is normally a tropical island year-round! The snow has piled up at the Waterfall, which has frozen over and become a ski hill! How did this happen?

"We're really not sure," says King Daveau. "I have my Idea Seeker Prophets looking into the mystery, and Dumonde and Spec are looking into it too. (Ed. Note: Check out the interview with Dumonde in About an Idea Seeker to read what he's found out!) But in the meantime, we may as well enjoy the snow while it's there, right? I've had a ski hill built over the Waterfall, and Kimma's placed her friend Skeeter's ski clothes into her Disguise Shop. So everyone! Get ready for some rare winter fun in a tropical locale!"

Idea Seeker Prophets will continue to monitor the strange weather in the Waterfall. Meanwhile, check out this week's Training Mission for a few other outdoor activities on Sarillion!

Sarillion Monitor

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