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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 19, 2011 - Issue #106  
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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Dumonde, we know that you're not an Idea Seeker Prophet, but as a Scribe (and sometimes a Distiller) we know you keep track of all sorts of interesting facts about Sarillion. Do you have any theories about why there's been so much snowfall on Manabel Island?

Well, yes, technically speaking, my primary Idea Seeker Role is a Scribe, which means I record all the happenings of the Idea Seekers as they work against the Darkness and the Clouds. But yeah, I'm incredibly interested in weird goings-on around Sarillion, especially when it's related to science!

So, any thoughts on the snow?

It's pretty weird, because Manabel Island is a tropical environment, which means it should be nice and toasty warm all year round! But there has been evidence of strange climate changes happening on Sarillion for years now. Animals all over the planet have been leaving their home habitats...

That's right. That's one of the things being studied at the Field Museum.

Exactly! And everyone knows the Darkness of Dumbness has been trying to start a climate crisis on Sarillion for years now. I analyzed some of the snow at the waterfall, and it does look artificially generated...

Do you think the snow on Manabel Island is the Darkness' doing?

It's hard to tell, although the snow is a big hint! I've recruited Spec to try to detect any activity from the Darkness or his Clouds. Spec's becoming a really great Cloud Hunter! He hasn't found anything yet, but he's going to keep looking.

What does he do to check for Cloud activity?

Well, I'm not the Cloud Hunter, he is, so you'd have to ask him for the details, but I know that he keeps an eye out for any Clouded behavior in any Idea Seekers or Allies. If this weather is really part of a climate crisis caused by the Clouds, there will be a lot of people acting like it's no big deal! That being said, now that there's a ski hill set up, everyone may as well enjoy it while it lasts!

[At this point in the interview, Spec burst into the room!]

Well, speak of the devil! Spec, what brings you to the Sarillion Monitor offices?

Spec: I had to talk to Dumonde! It's just as I feared, Dumonde-The Darkness AND Angry Cloud are behind this!

Dumonde: What? How did you find out?

Spec: I took the snow samples you collected and took a closer look at them, and if you look really closely, you can see that the snowflakes look like clouds! They don't have six sides! Also, there are some Allies in the Waterfall getting really mad that they can't use the waterslide right now. Definitely getting Angry Cloud sickness.

Dumonde: Well, what are we waiting for! We'd better get over there and let them know that King Daveau already set up a ski hill! Having fun with this will surely foil Angry Cloud's plan!

[Dumonde and Spec then exited the room, ending our interview. Let's all wish them luck against the Darkness and Angry Cloud!]

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