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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 3, 2011 - Issue #107  
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King Daveau

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, last issue we interviewed Dumonde and Spec and they determined that the Darkness and Angry Cloud were behind the snowfall in the Waterfall. Was that your conclusion as well?

Absolutely! We figured out that the Darkness thought that if they froze the waterfall, Idea Seekers and Allies would get angry because they couldn't slide down the waterfalls anymore. Don't ask me where they got the technology to control the weather. I hope they don't still have it!

What do you think foiled their plan?

Oh, it was an obvious backfire! Heh heh. I guess they had never heard of skiing, because when the Idea Seekers and Allies saw the snow, they immediately grabbed their skis and started heading downhill! Just goes to show that the people of Sarillion can see the good in any situation!

And this is why you're throwing a party in Kimma's Room?

There are so many reasons. Yes, that's one, but it's also Kimma's birthday, as well as's birthday! We're so grateful to the people of, who have helped us keep this link between Sarillion and Earth! We've learned so much from the people of Earth, and I hope they've been learning from us!

Have you heard the rumor that a purple mist was recently spotted in Kimma's room?

I...I hadn't heard that. Hmm! I wonder if that's Proud Cloud, trying to start some trouble? I get the feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of the Clouds in the next year...

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