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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Lindsey Durrs - Age 9 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

I believe we can stop this madness if we all work together and try to find these poor animals a new habitat to live in!!! We could raise money for these animals by having a walk for those animals like the crane. We could walk 6 miles a day for three whole days!!! We could call it the three day walk for those in need!

Team Animal Fact of the Week


There are very interesting facts about birds and I am going to tell you about them. Now first I am going to talk a little about birds. When they see an enemy or a person (witch is an enemy to them) they will simply fly away leaving the enemy behind.They do not want to fight. like Faith said they do not believe in fighting. They are also eat worms or bird seed (sometimes) Now I think you know lots about birds so this will go on and on until I do not have any room.Humming Birds Is the Only Bird that can fly backwards its egg is very small it is nearly the smallest egg in the whole world Well I am out of room. So I guess this is the End.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Lisle Zest - 9 - FINLAND

The story continues from this beginning:

Spec and Dumonde have been working to figure out why it's been snowing at the Waterfall on Manabel Island! After a week of study, Spec's Cloud Hunter skills finally detect what he had suspected: The Darkness of Dumbness has gotten hold of a weather machine, and turned the Waterfall into a snow hill! Dumonde begins to get frustrated. "That nasty Darkness! He thinks he can mess with Sarillion's weather whenever he wants! RRRGH!" Uh-oh! Spec realizes the Darkness' plan--to help Angry Cloud give everyone Angry Cloud sickness! How can Spec use Humor Plant Baby to make the best of this situation? Write the rest of the story.

"You don't need to worry, Dumonde," Spec excplained. "We can fix this after I cure you." Dumonde grumbled. "Why did he ever do that? Can't he fix it?!"
"I'll just leave you
alone. I'll figure how to cure you," Spec calmed. Spec walked into the Plant Baby Power shop. "This power necklace will power-up my Humor's powers, and then I can cure Dumonde!" He thought. He bought the power necklace and ran outside, where Dumonde was shivering in the snow angrily.
"Here you go, Humor," Spec said, putting the necklace on Humor. Humor tried curing Dumonde really hard, but it didn't still work. "But Humor is already all filled up,"
Spec cried. "Angry Cloud is here somewhere!" Spec decided to call Kimma. The phone started ringing in Kimma's house,
but Kimma was busy cooking some recipe called Honey-Orange
Cake. "The phone is ringing," She said. "go get it, Hope."
"Hi, is this Kimma's house?" Spec asked. "Yes," Squeaked Hope. "Kimma's just busy cooking." "Can you tell her I need
her at the Waterfall to help cure Dumonde from Angry Cloud?
I bought a power necklace for my Humor but it's not powerful enough. Angry Cloud must be around there somewhere
if he's so angry," "Right," Sqeaked Hope as she hanged the
phone. "Kimma, Spec needs you at the Waterfall. He says there might be Angry Cloud somewhere there because Dumonde
became clouded and Spec bought a power necklace for his Humor Plant Baby and put it on, but it's not powerful enough to cure him," Squeaked Hope, looking alarmed. "Hope,
can you take my cake out in 10 minutes? I'm getting my Humor and going to help Spec in the Waterfall," Kimma finally decided. "Right!!" Squeaked Hope in the most hopeful voice. Kimma puts her jacket on and rushes to the Waterfall. "I'm here!" Kimma shouted to Spec, as she started walking closer with Humor. "Wow!" Spec sighed. Kimma's Humor had a power necklace, power bracelet and a power hat. "I didn't know you had so many power-items!" Spec cried. "Go Humor!" Kimma cried. "Go, Humors, go!" Spec
cheered as the two Humors ran to Dumonde. They quickly cured him, but then he got Angry Cloud sickness again! "I surely think it's angry cloud, all right," Mentioned Humor.
"There he is!" Kimma's Humor shouted. "Attack!" The two PlantBabies attacked Angry Cloud, as he disappeared. Now they cured Dumonde, and he was pleased. "Thank you, Humors,
and thank you, Spec and Kimma," He said. "Let's go to my house," Kimma said. "my made cake is supposed to be ready."
Whne they were there, Hope was waiting on the table, sitting near the cake. "Well done, Hope!" Kimma congratulated, as she hugged Hope. Her friends tasted the cake. "This is one of my favorites. One of Kimma's most delicious cakes!" Dumonde cried. "I love this cake, what is
this cake made of, Kimma?" Asked Spec's Humor. "It's made of Honey and Orange and the normal ingridients for cakes,"
Kimma explained, smiling. "No wonder it brings a good smile
on everyone's face! This cake would chase Angry Cloud away,
too, probably," Spec said, smiling. Write Me A Story

Kaitlyn - 12 - New Zealand

It's weird. I've watched all these cool movies and yet I can't help feeling a little sappy when I read the rose scented letter. It was over the top, maybe just a little bit, but who cares! I'm seriously on the hunt to get the dude who sent me this OTT letter.

When I found it in my locker, there was red glitter everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even in my PE socks. I told by best friend, Renee, about it. She suggested all these cute footballers. That reminded me of the school dance tomorrow, which is the perfect opportunity to hunt the mysterious boy. I have a feeling it might not be a footballer, they sure don't sprinkle valentines with red glitter and roses and chocolates. They just ask out the girl they think they like, which is not me. I don't care much, anyway. Aw, whom am I kidding? I really hope it's a footballer. Every girl wants her own Cinderella story.

It's just before the school dance and I'm re-reading the valentine over and over again. My little brother Shae had eaten the chocolates and my dog Chuck and ate the roses. He's been coughing up petals and stem for a couple of days now. I've got all my make up and hair and girly stuff like that done. Dads was just getting the car out of the garage.

We arrived at the dance, me cringing as Dad demands a kiss "good-bye". Everyone's cleaned up very well, the nerds wearing patterned bow ties, the footballers in fitted tuxedos. I've tucked my valentine in a secret pocket of my dress. Before I enter the school hall, someone tugged my arm. It's Nerdy Nick, the biggest nerd ever.

"Nick?" I say, tugging my arm out his reach.

"Hi, Kaitlyn," He says. He blushes. "I...I...I'm your secret admirer."

"What?" I said, taken aback. No footballers?

"Yes, I know it's a big surprise, but I was hoping you give me a little something back?" He said, leaning forward to kiss.

I walked into the dance, leaving Nick with his lips puckered.

Renee raced up to me. "So whose the mystery guy?" She nudged me.

"You'll never guess," I laughed. "C'mon, let's enjoy what we have left of this disaster."

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