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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 16, 2011 - Issue #108  
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Give your Garden a boost!

Did you know that the Making Black Gold game has a secret way to boost your Garden's harvest? If you get far enough in the game, a square of compost will show up in your Garden inventory! Place it on the same square as one of your plants that are ready for harvest, and you will earn TWO of that plant! Yup-ready to harvest an onion in your Garden? Drop some compost over it, and you'll get TWO onions! It just goes to show what great things compost can do to your soil!

New KidsKash Items!

Head to the KidsKash store now and check out the new clothes and furniture that have arrived in the last two weeks! There's even a new batch of clothes arriving next week!

  • Girls' Basketball Jersey: 75 KK
  • Girls' Basketball Shorts: 75 KK
  • Boys' Velcro Hi-Tops: 50 KK
  • Girls' Velcro Hi-Tops: 50 KK
  • Girls' V-Neck Script Dress: 75 KK
  • Girls' Long Sleeve Layered V-Neck: 75 KK
  • Girls' Belted Floral-Neck Shirt & Skirt: 75 KK
  • Girls' Flower Print Mini: 75 KK
  • Shamrock Rug: 75 KK
  • Lucky Leprechaun Beads: 35 KK
  • Lucky Leprechaun Tree: 50 KK
  • Shamrock Pillow: 25 KK
  • St. Patty's Wall Hanging: 50 KK

In stores next week!

  • -Girls' Aviator Jacket: 75 KK
  • -Boys' Camo Hoodie: 75 KK
  • -Girls' High-Collar Coat: 75 KK
  • -Girls' Belted Fake Fur Coat w/Bag: 75 kk
  • -Girls' KC Hoodie: 75 KK
  • -Boys' KC Hoodie: 75 KK
  • -Boys' Down Vest w/Button-Down Shirt: 75 KK
  • -Girls' Rainbow Stockings: 50 KK

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