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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 2, 2011 - Issue #109  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Tra, nice work helping Kimma get cured of her Proud Cloud sickness.

Thanks, but it sure as heck wasn't just me! She was clouded really badly. It took the efforts of nearly every Idea Seeker and Ally on Sarillion to chase Proud Cloud away!

Why did it need everyone's help? Usually just keeping a Plant Baby around can help keep the Clouds away.

Well, not always! It can depend on how fast you notice that there's a Cloud trying to affect you. Like, ok, this one time Spec and I were at Grandfather Lahzar's on Machoo and eating dinner with him, and I was sooooo hungry! But the moment I said that I'd like to have thirds, Spec looked over at me and pointed to his Balance Plant Baby and I realized that I may have been close to catching Gluttony Cloud sickness, and that's all it took.

So not enough people noticed Kimma's Proud Cloud sickness right away? Was that the problem?

I think it was part of it, yeah! By the time everyone realized what was going on she was already pretty far gone! It took a lot of time and energy to bring her back and de-mist her!

So what's next on Sarillion? Proud Cloud's gone for a little while-we saw a little bit of green mist at the Restaurant Picnic. Think Jealousy Cloud may be up to something?

I saw that too! Well, after you showed me the photos that are going in the Inside Scoop anyway. Haha! Boy, I hope not. We could really use a break from those goofballs. But hey, it's like Kimma always says-look again, look beyond, look with vision! If we keep our eyes open, and our Plant Babies with us, there's nothing that we shouldn't be able to take care of!

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