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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 2, 2007 - Issue #11  
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Proud Cloud

Proud Cloud Attacks Sarillion! Countless Pleethars are Confused!

Last week, Lithia's Secret Security Camera spotted a mysterious and very suspicious cloud hovering around Sarillion. This Cloud turned out to be Proud Cloud. Proud Cloud is now attacking Sarillion with Cloud Sickness! Proud Cloud is attacking Sarillion and making the Pleethars believe that it is not important to learn anything about the issues of climate change and their need to modify their behavior. Some Pleetars are saying they don't need to know how to save energy even though that is very important to the survival of Sarillion.

Proud Cloud has also been throwing his "Self-Involved Bragging Dust" onto Pleethars (the people who live on Sarillion). Some Pleethars have been able to get out of the way from this dust, but others have been affected by it. It has been reported that one Pleethar became so sickened by the Bragging Dust that he got up on-stage at the Palace Courtyard and sang "I Don't Care About Climate Change. I Only Care About Me."

Undercover Cloud Hunter Tra and Princess Kimma have been discussing the attack and how it's affecting the Pleethars. So they won't be overheard by the Darkness they use Friend-to-Friend Messaging from their Idea Seeker Home Page and telepathy when they are near the Clouds. Both are shocked that the Pleethars do not know what greenhouse gases are and how more CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. Tra and Kimma know that Idea Seeker Teams can break this Cloud Sickness by learning about facts on climate change and then helping the Pleethars. They are trying to tell any White Shirt Allies that visit the Planet how to become an Idea Seeker so they can form a Team. Hopefully, Proud Cloud will be too busy paying too much attention to himself to realize what is going on.

King Daveau (Kimma's father) is very happy that so many Idea Seekers have not backed down from the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos, and have made Idea Seeker Teams to fight in the Team Challenge. The list of new Idea Seeker Teams keeps growing every day. King Daveau has also announced that he will honor the winning Idea Seeker Team and one Fan with a big reward! They will get a trip to New York on Planet Earth where they will meet scientists researching how to fight climate change and architects designing "green" buildings.

Idea Seeker Teams and their Fans should play Expedition 3 to help Pleethars understand the natural carbon cycle and how they have an impact on Sarillion's climate through their daily activities.

Get more information about the fight for Planet Sarillion in the other sections of this Sarillion Monitor:

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