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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Noeleen, 11 - New Zealand

Dumonde made an exciting machine that can separate recyclables like plastics and paper. He was very, very excited about this when suddenly a mist of cloud came over. Dumonde fell to the ground fast asleep.

"Ha, ha, ha, haaaaa," laughed the Angry cloud. "My master will be proud, ha, ha, haaa"

The Angry Cloud laughed, he giggled, he jumped, and he put the music on.

Back in the little Patience Plant Baby's room she was asleep, when she suddenly jumped up from the music.

"Dumoooooonde, please make it softer." she yelled.

But it still would not go off, so she jumped out of bed and slowly went up the stairs.

She saw the Angry Cloud. She had a plan. She snuck up to the light. She saw a little camera and she looked at it. She saw Dumonde kicking his machine.

"Oh no!" she gasped.

She took one of the machines in the darkness and shot it at Angry Cloud.

Zoooom he was gone.

In the morning she told Dumonde to take deep breaths.

"When something goes wrong, make it work." Patience told Dumonde.

"Thanks Patience! You're a hero!!!" Dumonde answered. Write Me A Story

Jess, 11, United States

Once upon a time, there was a bee named Billy Bee. One day, he went to the Queen bee in the honeybee hive and asked her, "Why don't we use organic flowers? They are better for us. Please?"

"Ok," said the Queen bee. Then she told all of the bees to make organic honey out of pollen from organic flowers.

Billy Bee went to the first organic flower he saw and got all of the pollen he could and went to organic flower to organic flower to the honeybee hive. Then he showed the queen how much pollen he gathered she was stunned that he gathered that much pollen. Then after he made some honey, he buzzed around the honeybee hive with his friends.

"Oh no," said Billy Bee, "It is raining". Billy Bee hates rain, so he went in the hive before he got wet. Billy Bee thought that the Queen would be disappointed in him, but she did not care because he is very nice and he saved the honey business. Everyone lived happily ever after.



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