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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Sydney Opsin - Age 12 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Well, first of all, the people who are developing the homes and other buildings are way out of their heads if they are going to keep doing this! Second, if you could, we should ALL join in to build the creatures more habitats. Then we should tell the people who are developing the buildings to STOP before all of our wonderful creatures go extinct. So everyone join in and help!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Caitie Relay - Age 15 - Team Blue Coyote - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

On the day that people started to move into Canada,these poor omnivores had to move into the mountains and tried their best to survive.We must help them find a human free home to live and be free to do anything.Only the people who care for these species should be able to come and help to feed and take care of these animals.So we should tell somebody to stop this chaos and get these coyotes OUT of the mountains.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

The members of [YOUR TEAM HERE] wander into Kimma's Room for the party that's been going on, only to find posters of Kimma everywhere! They find Kimma in the room and all she wants to do is talk about herself! "I'm so glad we're having this party for me! I'm so awesome!" Oh no! Proud Cloud has clouded Kimma! Can [YOUR TEAM HERE] use a Plant Baby to help cure Kimma? Which one? Write the rest of the story.

"Kimma are you ok?" asked Stan. "Im fine stan", Kimma said. Kimma standed got everyones attention. "ADORE ME SUBJECT", Yelled Kimma. King Daveau was about to cut slices of the cake for everyone. "Daddy give me the first slice its my party", explained Kimma. "This is the pary for everyone on Sarillion", King Daveu Stated. Stan and a group of Team members from the Red Crane Team were talking. "I think Kimma has Proud Cloud Sickness", Stan said curiously. The team was thinking and how to cure Princess Kimma. Everyone was going outside. Stan and his team members followed. A big Blimp with Kimma's Picute was over Sarillion. "I think this is to far you dont seem normal Kimma", Daveau said thoughtfully. Stan and his team members went up to Princess Kimma. They all had there Humor Plant Babys out. "The best way to heal Proud Cloud Sickness is with humor", Stan Stated. Kimma was cured and the party went on. Everyone had some cake and danced their pants off. Write Me A Story


One day Kimma was planning a party while watering her garden. Her Hope plant baby came out and said, "Dumonde has cloud disease."

Kimma shook with worry, "I hope Dumonde is ok." She rushed to her room and threw on her new clothing she'd bought yesterday. Kimma asked where Dumonde was.

"He's at his house with Spec."

Kimma rushed outside. She got to Dumonde's house in a flash. She knocked on the door. Spec answered. He looked glum. Kimma ran over to the sleeping Dumonde. He looked terrible.

He had Proud cloud fever. His face was covered with a purple cloud.

Kimma shook him. "Dumonde are you ok?" Kimma asked with worry.

Dumonde woke slowly he shook his head. "Wha?" He asked halfheartedly.

"I'll call Skeeter," Kimma said smartly. Kimma grabbed her cell-phone. She dialed Skeeter's number.

Skeeter answered after the first ring.

"Hello, Skeeter," Kimma said. "Come to Dumonde's house quick!"

"Who is this?" he asked.

"It's Kimma," she said rolling her eyes.

"I'll bring Hope and Confidence," said Skeeter. In a minute or so Skeeter arrived. He had his plant babies used all their force! It worked! Dumonde's cloud was gone! Dumonde's skin was less pale. He hugged Hope and Confidence. Kimma held a big party at the zoo with balloons and everything! Everyone was invited, except for the dark side.

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