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Have you played the Bright Future Trivia Game yet?

Hi everyone! Dumonde here. I'm sure that by now you've all been playing the new Bright Future Trivia Game and are just in love with it, right? After all, it's a fun source of all kinds of important knowledge... and a great way to earn Virtual Points that you can use to buy clothes, furniture, and food for your Plant Baby! What's not to like?

If you haven't tried it yet...what's your deal? Just kidding-but you should really check it out! Here-here's some tips about the secret bonus cards that sometimes show up that can be used to really boost your score!

  • Energizer: If you get a question wrong but turn over an Energizer card, don't fear! You get to try again on the questions you missed! Just click the Energizer and then click one of the cards you got wrong. You can still get those points!
  • Double Dare: No risk, no reward! If you get a question that's a Double Dare, you can accept the challenge and get double the points if you get it right! But watch out-if you get it wrong, you may LOSE points! Of course, you can click "no thanks" and then just play the question like normal...but what's the fun in that?
  • Bright Future: On the surface, this doesn't look like much...if you click on the Bright Future card after you get a question wrong, the card you got wrong goes away! Why is this important? Because if you clear all the cards from the board and uncover the picture underneath, your score doubles!

And if you get all your questions right and don't need to use the bonuses, you get a bonus question to answer for each bonus you didn't use. And that bonus will just add to your score!

So there-now you're ready to play Bright Future like a seasoned pro! I'll see you in the Tech Museum!

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