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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 13, 2011 - Issue #112  
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King Daveau

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, how did Sloth Cloud get into the Training Tower and clog it full of Sloth Cloud mist?

We're still trying to sort that out! But one thing I can say with confidence is that the Clouds can get ANYWHERE.

Anywhere? Like, even in your own room?

A cloud is just a big clump of mist, and mist can seep in anywhere! If there's a crack in the door, it can squeeze in. That's why we always have to be wary of doing things that attract the Clouds of Chaos, like putting off chores and homework, or getting really mad at the littlest thing, or bragging about ourselves too much. No matter where you are, Sloth, Angry, or Proud Cloud will latch onto the slightest behavior!

Goodness! We have to be on our guard at all times!

It's true! But that's why we have our Plant Babies-if we keep them powered up, they are a great help and remind us to stay persistent, or joyful, or humorous!

Good advice, King Daveau. In the meantime, how are you planning to de-mist the Training Tower?

I have my best Idea Seeker Reminders on the task right now! They are taking anyone who gets clouded and leading them to the Reminder's Healing Center where they can relax, recharge, and pamper their Plant Babies while they're at it. If you are feeling under the weather, definitely stop by there!

Thanks for the info, King Daveau! Good luck cleaning up the Training Tower!

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