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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Cait Sandpiper - Age 11 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

I think police should get guards and put sighns up at places where trash isnt supposed to be dumped. if someone dumps their trash where their not supposed to i think they should be fined or go to jail if not all the animals might die and maybe the humans too.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Alexandra Suits - Age 9 - Team Purple Sea Horse - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Did you know that the female makes the sea horse babies and then she has a dance with the male and then the male carries the babies in his big belly until the sea horse babies are born? Also the seahorse is the mascot of the national society of epilepsy. His name is Ceasar the seahorse. The sea horses tail is very similar to the tail of a monkey. It is great for holding onto things. There are about 50 different species of seahorse. They prefer to live in sheltered areas such as seagrass beds, coral reefs, or mangroves. Colonies have been found in European waters such as the Thames Estuary. From North America to South America there are approximately four species, ranging from the very small to much larger specimens off of the Pacific Coast of Central America. Seahorses have about 1,5000 and the babies are stored in the males brood pouch. Seahorses may change colors while they are experiencing reproduction. There special dance is called the pre-dawn dance. The seahorse is very unique!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Spec and Tra are on Sarillion helping build a sandbag wall on the Beach to stop the flooding that Jealousy Cloud's rain has caused. Spec is working hard at building the wall, but Tra has become so frustrated with how much work needs to be done that she's given up. "There's too much water!" says Tra. "Nothing we do is going to help anyway." Spec realizes that his sister's being clouded by Sloth Cloud! How can Persistence Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

"Tra? You REALLY need to help! There's a lot of water, so everyone needs to help out-" Spec started, but Tra interuppted him by shouting back, "I DON'T CARE! There is TOO MUCH water, we'll never get it done anyway! I am not even trying anymore." Then she stuck out her tongue. Spec sighed, and looked around to get the other people that were helping out to convince Tra. But all the others were AGREEING with her! "Yeah, Tra, you're so right. I'm going to go take a nap at my house." A girl said, walking away. "No way! Oh, please come back!" Spec called after her. But a lot of other people were walking away, too. Tra was yawning and looking annoyed. Spec was alarmed and ran to the palace and to Kimma's room. "Kimma, you've got to help me! All these people are clouded-" Spec said, but rest of the words caught in his throat when Kimma had a blue Sloth Cloud mist around HER head too! "Who cares? I'm gonna go to sleep." Kimma replied, yawning. Spec tried every other Idea Seeker, but Sloth Cloud had gotten Riley, Skeeter, and Dumonde too! Then he sighed and headed towards my house.

"Samantha! Oh my gosh, Samantha! You have GOT to help me!!!" Spec burst into my house, out of breath and in a panic. "Oh, Spec, I was just-" "Everyone's clouded by Sloth Cloud!" He interuppted, grabbing my arm. "WHAT?" I yelled, which woke up my two Humor Plant Babies. "What's all the screaming about?" They said in unison. Spec filled me in on what had happened, and my two Humors listened. Then we went to work. "All right! I'm glad I decided two power up both of you this morning!" I cheered softly as we crept up to the beach. "Okay, Humors, go do your stuff!" I said. My two Humor Plant Babies jumped around the beach,(which everyone had returned for some reason) hopping on people's heads to cure them. Soon everyone was cured! The two Plant Babies hopped into my arms and I hugged them. "Whoaaa!" I yelled as a powerful wave pushed me back. We had forgotten about building the sandbag wall! We needed to start over! But about 20 people rushed to the scene and started stacking sandbags. I helped, and so did my two PBs. Spec and Tra started helping, and Dumonde, Skeeter, Riley, and Kimma appeared and helped out too! Soon we re-built the wall, and we finished in 30 minutes! "Yaaaay! Party at my house to celebrate!" I cheered. Write Me A Story

Loretta - 10 - UNITED KINGDOM

Every year there was a street festival, and every year all artists would crowd the street to draw what would happen. The artist called James Delco was going to draw the festival. James found a space next to a man with a really professional art kit.

"You don't mind me sitting here do you?" said James.

"No not at all," said the man.

James sat down as the man laughed.

"What? What's so funny," asked James curiously.

"You. You only have one chalk. How are you supposed to get all the colors and detail from only on chalk?" he asked.

"This isn't any ordinary chalk, it is a magic chalk," said James.

As soon as the man heard that, he ran far away because he was scared that the magic chalk was evil and would draw all over his face. The man thought his face was so precious that with one mark he would scream in horror.

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