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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 13, 2011 - Issue #112  
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Hi everyone! It's Dumonde, here to help you keep from getting clouded by Sloth Cloud, Desire Cloud, Jealousy Cloud, or any of the other Clouds of Chaos! The Darkness is apparently running a contest right now, and offering a prize to the Cloud that can give the most Idea Seekers and Allies Cloud Sickness! Here are a few things to remember while watching out for Cloud attacks.

  • If your Plant Baby is powered up and walking with you when you walk into a room where a Cloud has attacked, you won't get clouded! So keep those Plant Babies out and about!
  • Idea Seekers can cure anyone who has been Clouded. Seekers, just click on the person who's been clouded. Their Avatar Card will come up and show the Cloud that's clouded them! Click on the button on the card to cure their Cloud Sickness.
  • Idea Seekers get 10 Virtual Points whenever they cure someone with Cloud Sickness! Those points are being counted for the Training Mission this week, so Idea Seekers, get clicking!

Watch out for all sorts of Cloud Attacks in the next two weeks. I imagine that the Clouds are gonna be awfully eager to cloud people during the Darkness' contest!

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