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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 27, 2011 - Issue #113  
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About an Idea Seeker - Riley

Um...hi Riley. Is this a bad time?

*mmmf* What're ya talkin' about? We can totally chat now! *mmmf*mmmf*

Well, you just seem a little busy, what with your eating a huge stack of pies, and all.

Hey, no worries! *BURP* I can do two things at once!

What kind of pies are those, anyway?

Oh, Kimma made 'em! They're pumpkin and turkey, with some stuffing thrown in! They're AWESOME! *mmmf* *chews*

Pumpkin and...turkey? And stuffing? That sounds...

...AMAZING? I know! They're great! I'd offer you some, but these are all mine. You've gotta get your own!

Um, that's ok, Riley, we'll take care of our own. So, we were going to ask you about what you did to help the Idea Seekers stop all the clouding that was happening the last few weeks, but apparently you're busy...

...I'm sorry, what did you say? I really have to concentrate on these pies...

So, Riley, do you think it's Greedy Cloud you're suffering from right now, or Gluttony Cloud?

...Sorry, I didn't hear you?

It's OK, Riley, we'll be right back with some Plant Baby friends of ours...

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