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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 27, 2011 - Issue #113  
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Check out your new, redesigned Idea Seeker Store!

Hey, Idea Seekers! Dumonde here. Did you notice the big change in your Idea Seeker Store? It's all different-looking! The new design makes the list of Idea Seeker Stores a little easier to search through. We hope you like it!

I know we've mentioned it already, but you can now sell KidsKash items in your Store. Both Allies and Idea Seekers can buy KidsKash items from your Store, but most clothes and furniture that you can sell can only be bought by Idea Seekers. You'll always be able to tell who can buy your items because the stuff that's Idea Seeker only will have a banner over its image that says so!

There are also all sorts of other items you can sell in your store that Allies can buy, like Plant Baby Hunger and Power items, Harvested items from your Idea Seekers Garden, and Plant Baby costumes and hotel stays!

Allies-don't feel left out! Your very own store is waiting for you once you upgrade to an Idea Seeker!

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