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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 6, 2012 - Issue #114  
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What's Happening in the Idea Seeker Universe

Princess Kimma is back on Sarillion

Images courtesy Idea Seeker News Network (ISNN)

Spec:"I am so happy that we found you. I was worried that the Darkness had captured you in a deep freeze.....but you know I would never stop looking for you."

Kimma: *blush* "Oh Spec, it was awful, I missed all of my friends and my family, if it wasn't for my Hope Plant Baby, I might have given up! Knowing you were out there also helped me fight off Cloud Sickness....."

Spec: "I think we should celebrate, and we should also train more kids to be Idea Seekers so they can learn to fight the Darkness."

Kimma: "It made me sad to hear that some of my best Idea Seekers and some new Allies also got clouded and were being mean or rude to others here as Warrior Drones for the Darkness."

Spec: "Yes, the Darkness tried to cloud others as well as you. The Guardians will be happy to have everyone's help encouraging people to Fight the Clouds!"

Skeeter: "Let's have a party to celebrate Kimma being home! I say, let's bring our Hope Plant Babies and dance."

Kimma: "What a great idea! I'll ask Riley and some of the Idea Seekers to help me plan it. Hmmm, what to wear?"

Riley: "Wait, you have to plan a party? You have to dress up? Can't we just show up?"

Kimma: "Making food and dressing up is fun! Wait a sec...Riley are you being lazy?"

Riley: "Um, eating food is fun, yum, lots of food...I can see it now...Dressing up not so much. But maybe if I don't have to take a bath....."

Tra: "I think Gluttony Cloud and Sloth Cloud have been busy with Riley! At least Kimma and my brother aren't going mushy on me again. I wonder what will happen at the party?"

Can you help Kimma plan the party? Send her ideas here.

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