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Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Richey Segno - Age 19 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

If we research how to help the animals from climate change we could help our self too! We could learn to stop the climate change and stop Earth from over heating and learn more about Earth.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Melani Rosewood - 10 - TURKEY

Dumonde and Riley go to a science supply store to buy some parts. Dumonde needs to build a motorized rain barrel that waters the lawn automatically when it's full. However, when they get to the store Dumonde realizes that all the motorized parts he needs use way too much energy! He really wants to build his invention and doesn't care how much energy it will use. Riley spies a pink mist around Dumonde's head. Desire Cloud is affecting his thinking! But not by good. He starts to change his biggest invention to a shrink ray! Riley gets afraid and starts to run, but, like a dog, he thinks that when he starts to run, he means he is trying to play a game. Because Dumonde turned into a maniac, it's normal for him to think like that. He tries to shoot him and his third shoot is bingo.

Before anybody squashes him, he startes to look for a Gratitude Plant Baby. He goes to the shop to find one, but there is no left. Then he hears a musical laugh. He gats it right away, Humor Plant Baby! He asks him to find Gratitude, but Humor tells him to ask to Hope. Hope takes Riley's hand and runs to a beautiful garden. Hope was right. Gratitude was there. Riley told him that Dumonde was out of his mind. Gratitude caught Riley by the hand and he put him on his back. He started to look for Dumonde. It didn't last long. All they had to do is to looo at the giant machine which everybody was running away from. Gratitude told Dumonde to stop, but he didn't. To make him stop, he did something he never did -- Gratitude started to punch Dumonde. And it did really hurt. He fell from the shrink ray's seat. Gratitude pressed on the "Self Destruct" button and, BOOM!

But Dumonde wasn't still like his normal self. He started to kick everybody. Everbody ran away from him, except Humor. He was laughing at Dumonde. He got really angry and kicked Humor hard. But he still didn't stop laughing. Whenever Dumonde kicked, he remembered really funny jokes. So he couldn't stop laughing. At last, Dumonde got tired from kicking. At the moment he lay down, Humor ran to Dumonde and whispered a joke. Now, Dumonde couldn't stop laughing either. When it got late, he slept at the middle of the school corridor. While he was sleeping, Hope sang a song to his ear about wishes. When Dumonde woke up, he founded himself at school punishment. Wasn't life fair? Write Me A Story

Bela - 12 - USA

The Museum
One day, I was on my way to the Museum of Art. I was going with my class and my uncle who was a chaperone. On the way my friend and I played games. We played games like spot, licenses plates and I-spy. I took about thirty-five minutes to get there from my school. When we got there, it wasn't time to go in so we ran up the stairs. We also took pictures.
When we got in, it we looked all through the exhibits. They were really cool. They had armor and stuff from the middle ages. They also had places that you could walk through that made it look like you were from in that time. We finished looking and we went to get a bite to eat at the cafà After that we went to the gift shop.
While in the gift shop I saw tons of things I wanted. But a lot of it was really expensive. My uncle said I could each get one souvenir. My one friend picked out a wallet that had tiny pictures of different pictures on it. My other friend found a book about many different artists in that museum. Next it was my turn to pick something out. I was a hard decision but in the end I wound up getting a really cool snow globe. It had a bunch of different famous artists' heads. It is so cool! Also since I was a student on a field trip I got a student discount.

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