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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 6, 2012 - Issue #114  
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Let's Get Ready to Party!

Calling all Allies and Idea Seekers. Time to bring out your best clothes and get snappy with it! If you are new to the Idea Seeker Universe, you can get started by using the royal blue button on the top of your screen that says Character Dress Up. It is located in your personal dashboard - this is where you can do cool creative things. Before you can dress for the first time, you'll need to take the Role Quiz to find out what kind of Idea Seeker you are and get your first outfit to wear on Planet Sarillion.

Then it's time for party planning dress up! Are you going to dress in your Idea Seeker Role clothes so others who are in the same role will recognize you? Will you have your team all come in the same color so you will blow the party away? What if you take the Training Mission challenge this week and design your own outfit - who knows your design might be chosen and you could be famous on Sarillion! Use the design sheet to draw on and send in your creations. You can find this link at the bottom of the first page of your dress up - then print, draw and send it in - I really hope you can create some cool new clothes. I know Kimma would like to see them.

And don't forget to power up and bring your Plant Baby whenever you come to hang out. Maybe you can dress in the colors of your favorite Plant Baby and match!

Allies-don't feel left out! While some outfits in the store are only for Seekers, you can always get some cool new clothes by coloring, mixing and matching or you can buy clothes using KidsKash. You don't need much to look cool!

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