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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 9, 2007 - Issue #12  
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Proud Cloud Has Limited Success. The Darkness Has Dispatched Another Cloud

Brave Idea Seeker Teams successfully fought back against Proud Cloud, and his cloud sickness has been contained. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Idea Seeker Reminders and their Teams, more Pleethars have become unclouded. By learning important facts about climate change such as how greenhouse gases like CO2 affect climate change, only a few Pleethars were clouded to become warrior drones for the Darkness.

Work still needs to be done to defeat the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos. Secret Security Cameras on Lithia have spotted a new development. Soon after Proud Cloud was identified on Sarillion, another Cloud was spotted lurking around the Planet. Under Cover Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters have been in constant communication with King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council. It has been confirmed. This lurking Cloud is Sloth Cloud and he is attacking Sarillion with a mist of cloud sickness laziness.

We are very fortunate that we got this information about Sloth Cloud. Tra's undercover status was almost blown even though she is well disguised! A clouded Pleethar named Lander Sman, who had already been severely affected by Proud Cloud cloud sickness, found out about some of the Cloud Hunter's activities and was going to go impress the Darkness by bragging about his information. Capturing Tra would have really given Lander Sman something to really brag about! But fortunately before he could leave Sloth Cloud clouded his thinking. Now Lander Sman is too lazy to do anything and Tra has changed her disguise to keep from being discovered! King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council are still getting updates as they develop.

Because it is not in his nature to work hard and attack with stealth, Sloth Cloud has been sighted floating around Pleethars. But watch out, even though he is easy to see, his lazy attitude is really contagious. Being clouded with laziness is keeping the some of the Pleethars from doing positive things to be energy efficient even though they now know of the danger to their planet from the global climate change attack from the Darkness. So calling all Idea Seekers and their Allies who are not clouded - there is no time to waste!

Idea Seeker teams must work together in the Team Challenge to discover energy efficient methods and inspire Pleethars to take action. Idea Seeker Teams must tell anyone who will listen about the importance of recycling and reusing things like plastic bags instead of throwing them out after one use. Idea Seeker Teams must also share energy efficiency tips about using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and the importance of unplugging cell phone and iPod chargers when they are not in use.

Idea Seeker Teams can also get out the positive message of energy efficiency by designing an original and cool T-shirt that kids on other planets would wear to help get the message out to others. People on Earth are also under attack and they need a team of Idea Seekers to consult with their experts in a place on their planet called New York. They will only be recognized as Idea Seekers if they design and wear their original design global climate change T-shirt.

Get more information about the fight for Planet Sarillion in the other sections of this Sarillion Monitor:

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