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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 9, 2007 - Issue #12  
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Proud Cloud

About a Cloud: Proud Cloud

We met with Proud Cloud, who was having a bad day with no one listening to him. We thought it was rather odd that Proud Cloud would want to talk to us considering his pride was probably shattered but then we realized you can't brag unless someone listens. So Proud Cloud was pleased to have our attention and was only too happy to talk to us.

How does it feel to be to be cloud kicked by the Idea Seeker Teams?

Well, it feels horrible. How dare they wound my pride by making my mist disappear! Didnít the Idea Seeker Teams know who they were dealing with and how important I am?

Why do you think you weren't successful in clouding as many Pleethars as you had planned to?

Well, there is no way it was my fault. I never do anything wrong! The Pleethars are just too stupid to understand that! If only they had listened to me instead of the Idea Seeker Teams, they could be busy doing what I told them to and not working to learn be part of a team! I mean really, who cares about anyone else. And recycling, what a bother. Greenhouse gases, who cares about what you can't see.

You usually use your "Self-Involved Bragging Dust" to cloud people. Why don't you think it worked this time?

Well, it wasn't the "Self-Involved Bragging Dust" itself. I use the best "Self-Involved Bragging Dust" in the whole Universe and I'm really good at using it! Those pesky Idea Seekers and even some of the Allies were always Waba kicking me before I could get the dust on people. But I know I hit some people, ha ha. I've seen them walking around bragging about themselves. And if it works right, they'll infect other people. I bet they never knew what hit them. In fact, they should consider themselves lucky that they were clouded by me!

What do you think Sloth Cloud will do to Sarillion?

Knowing how lazy Sloth is, probably not much. He just doesn't have what it takes to be truly successful. He is not as smart, skilled or even as good looking as I am.

Other Clouds like you, right?

While they haven't said it, I know that they want me to be their leader. I mean who else in the group since I'm the smartest, most skilled and best looking Cloud out of the seven of us Clouds of Chaos!

What are you going to do now that the Idea Seeker Teams are aware of you and are fighting back?

I'm going to go get a manicure and then come back with some of my other weapons. You can't get the best of me! I'm Proud Cloud! I'm way too important to be ignored.

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