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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Trisca, 10, United States

So PATIENCE looked the Angry Cloud in its misty eye in sadly, Dumonde's body, and then took the bottle of "MEAN CLOUD BE GONE" and refilled his atomic gun. Then, aiming the atomic gun on his dehydrated forehead, he waited PATIENTLY for the evil doer to make his first move.

After waiting a short period of time, the red dusted cloud shot an acid fog from his mouth. So our hero chose to be heroic, pushed Dumonde aside and shot his gun not once. Not twice. But five times. One was shot onto the rusty walls of the barn, one missing Dumonde's head by a hair and the other two from a waste bin and hit the cow Betsy.

Betsy, he thought. Betsy?

Then Patience came with an astronomical plan!!!! He hopped on top of Dumonde's machine and threw the gun in the entering slot. Then the formula in that gun was absorbed into the block shaped tunnel were the metal coated gun was separated and came out. While the reaction to the machine from the ingredients of the "CLOUDBEGONE", formula. The formula then shot out covering most of the barn. The cloud oozed out and evaporated into water.

"Thanks," Dumonde said, "You're a true hero."

Patience just smiled. Write Me A Story

Emma, 12, United Kingdom

It was a cold snowy day in Honeybee Hive. Billy was sitting in his organic rose flower peeking out through the petals.

Bring the telephone rang. "Hello, who is it?" asked Billy the Bee.

"It's the Mayor. Would you tell your family to be at the church at 9 o'clock?" asked the Mayor.

Billy nodded and mumbled, "Surely."

Billy told his aunt Betty, uncle Jerry, mum, dad, brother and sister. They all dressed up in their best wings. While they were at the church, something very bad happened.

"Mum, Mum where are the organic flowers?" asked Billy.

The whole of Honeybee Hive looked in shock. There was not an organic flower to be seen. There were only tall non-organic flowers. The Mayor told everyone the number off the non-organic flowers the bees would be staying in. That night in a non-organic flower laid Billy. He couldn't sleep, so Billy got up and went outside for some fresh air. He smelt fresh organic flowers. Billy looked at the snow. Then it came to him that the organic flowers were covered in snow so he went back to bed and slept with a smile on his face. It was warmer the next day and the snow was all gone.

"Look, the organic flowers are back!" shouted Betty.

The Mayor told everyone to go to the church again. He told them to go back to their organic flowers.


Everyone lived happily ever after.



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