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Announcement from King Daveau! Go on an Idea Seeker Adventure to New York for a weekend!

Now that we know Sloth Cloud is attacking Sarillion and the Darkness is also going to spread his climate attack to other planets, we need more Idea Seeker teams to jump into the Adventure. Fight the Darkness of Dumbness and have a chance to be chosen to take trip to New York City to meet other Idea Seekers. Fight the Darkness and his evil Clouds of Chaos by playing the Sarillion Climate Crisis Team Challenge.

One team and one fan (3 kids each accompanied by a parent) will win the reward of a trip to New York October 5-7, 2007. While in New York, the winners will get to do a lot of cool stuff like:

  1. Meet real scientists from Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University who are studying climate change on Earth
  2. Meet with Cook + Fox architects who are building green buildings
  3. Go on a eco-scavenger hunt in Times Square
  4. Get the VIP treatment at the world-famous Bronx Zoo
  5. Take a sunset cruise around the Statue of Liberty
  6. Eat at an environmentally-friendly restaurant

How Do You Win the Trip to New York?

  1. Idea Seeker Team Members
    1. Complete activities in Expedition 3, 4 and 5 from now until August 26
    2. Get fans for your team. You can talk to your fans both on the message boards found on your Team Status Pages or talk to your fans as you see them in the Idea Seeker Universe.
    3. Keep your Plant Babies powered-up.
    4. Enter a T-shirt design about any of the different things you have learned about global climate change or being energy efficient by August 23. To win the Team Challenge you must submit at least one original T-shirt design.
  2. Allies of the Idea Seekers (Fans)
    1. Vote for your favorite team during the week of August 20 and don't forget to show your support by leaving encouraging messages on your favorite Team's Team Page.

All kids are winners when you complete the Expeditions in the Team Challenge. Get Virtual Points to use, save or donate, and earn slices for your Idea Seeker badges.

Have fun playing the Team Challenge. Many will enter but only a few can win.

Team Challenge Rules

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