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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 9, 2007 - Issue #12  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Everyone Can Be Involved in the Team Challenge

T-Shirt Design Contest

Idea Seeker Team Members must submit an original T-shirt design during the Team Challenge. The design should be something kids would wear to spread the important message about fighting climate change or how to become energy efficient and decrease CO2 emissions.

To enter, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Use a computer program or hand draw a T-shirt design using your good ideas and creative skills.
  2. Send in your design using this form. (You can send it as many as you want and you can find the form in the Idea Seeker Universe Palace Courtyard. Just click on the white T-shirt to get another form.)
  3. Be sure to design at least one T-shirt and send it in by August 20th or 21st to make the August 23rd deadline.

The best designs will be put on a real T-shirt you can buy in a real Idea Seeker Shop. Virtual T-shirts that your Idea Seeker Character can wear will be sold for Virtual Points at Kimma's Care Shop.

Get Fans and Get Points!

Idea Seeker Teams get 1 point added to their Team Score for each Fan that joins their team. Get fans by talking to Allies (characters with white shirts and black pants) in the Idea Seeker Universe. Talk to them about what your Team is doing in the Team Challenge and invite them to join your team on your Team Status Page. You can also add fans by getting your friends in your neighborhood who have not been yet to the Idea Seeker Universe by becoming a free Ally to come see your Idea Seeker Team page and sign up to be a fan. Tell them it is easy to sign up as an Ally. They can get a user name and password for free right on the Home Page. EXTRA BONUS: Idea Seeker Teams get bonus points added to their Team Score for any of their Fans who become Idea Seekers and form new Idea Seeker Teams. Ally fans and new member Idea Seekers have to be real people. Donít let the Clouds lie to fake Ally membership and join your team.

Keep Your Plant Babies Powered-Up!

Idea Seeker Teams will receive 3 Points added to their Team Score each day for every Plant Baby they have powered-up. A Plant Baby is powered-up if it can walk with an Idea Seeker Character in the Idea Seeker Universe.

Do Stuff with Your Team and Fans

Besides playing the Team Challenge, there are many things Idea Seeker Teams and their Fans can do.

  • Plan a get together in the Idea Seeker Universe. Meet at the Palace Courtyard on Planet Sarillion and perform a skit or sing songs. These skits and songs can be about fighting climate change by saving energy. Or invite your friends to your Idea Seeker House to discuss the Team Challenge and how best to defeat the Darkness and his Clouds.
  • Leave messages for each other at the Team Message Boards found on each Team Page. Fans can write encouraging comments to their favorite Idea Seeker Teams. Idea Seeker Teams can write messages to thank their fans for their support. To find the Idea Seeker Teams go to the Team List Page.

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