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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 16, 2007 - Issue #13  
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Angry Cloud

The Darkness Dispatches Angry Cloud - What Will Happen Next?

The Darkness of Dumbness thought sending Sloth Cloud would cloud all Pleethars in a mist of laziness. A few did get clouded and refused to learn about energy efficiency But the Darkness didn't count on the Idea Seeker Teams taking action to fight back against the Darkness and his evil plan to take over the planet through a climate crisis.

Here are report comments from our Idea Seeker Teams about some signs of success: Standard lightbulbs are being replaced with energy efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Programmable thermostats are being installed in Idea Seeker houses to make sure they don't overheat or overcool and waste energy. Plastic bags are being recycled - some shop keepers are even giving money back on purchases for people using recycled bags. Pleethar kids are teaching their parents to unplug iPod and cell phone chargers when they aren't being used for charging. While these small things might not seem like much, every small change helps to lower CO2 emissions. If everyone reduces their carbon footprint by being energy efficient, we can then turn our attention to other things such as creating sustainable fuels, using greener building materials and doing other things better for the environment and its people and animals.

Idea Seeker Teams have been working together on the Team Challenge Expeditions #3 and #4 this week. This Thursday, Princess Kimma will announce Expedition #5. Check out the Team List Page to see which teams have building skills. Leave a message for them on their team status pages. They have also been gathering team fans to share information. They are keeping their Plant Babies fully powered-up so they can walk with them in the Idea Seeker Universe. And finally, to help get the word out, Team members have been creating T-shirts that can be worn to get the messages out. Don't forget, Idea Seekers can send Friend-to-Friend messages sharing important things to know about climate change and energy efficiency.

There are still some Pleethars who remain clouded to Sarillion's Climate Crisis. Some have become so clouded that they are now Warrior Drones for the Darkness. Warrior Drones don't think for themselves, they just do whatever the Darkness tells them to do.

Sarillion is not completely safe! Look at the projection screen in the Palace Courtyard to see what things look like around Sarillion. The planet is getting hotter in some areas with record heat waves. Some coastal cities have had more and stronger hurricanes causing big storms that are damaging homes and flooding low areas. Sarillion is on a constant watch for other Clouds that want to harm us.

Angry Cloud is mad that he has been called in to help his fellow Clouds. He wants to stop people who are taking action and doing smart things to be energy efficient. He will be using his gummy, gooey anger globs to mess up the Pleethars. Once infected by an anger glob, a Pleethar will say mean things for no good reason.

We have to remind people of what they need to do and what they shouldn't do. The message has to get out on T-shirts. Sarillion artists are too upset over Angry Cloud's attack on the art museums to create T-shirts with positive messages about fighting climate change. These T-shirts have to remind people to take action. There have been reports that Sloth Cloud has kept Team members from getting this done.

Fortunately Kimma is using her skills as an Idea Seeker Reminder to keep everyone on track in fighting the climate crisis. Keep in mind, Pleethars aren't the only ones affected by the climate crisis. So are the animals of Sarillion. Kimma is reminding all Idea Seeker Teams to use their special skills in the Team Challenge. If they don't think they can draw well, then they can make a T-shirt with a really good message.

Get more information about the fight for Planet Sarillion in the other sections of this Sarillion Monitor:

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