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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 16, 2007 - Issue #13  
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About an Idea Seeker-Princess Kimma

During the attack on Sarillion, Princess Kimma has kept very busy. She discusses Cloud fighting strategies with her father, King Daveau, other Idea Seekers and the Idea Seeker Council. She is in constant communication with the Undercover Cloud Hunters using "mind speak." Most importantly, she's been encouraging the Idea Seeker Teams as they discover facts about climate change and energy efficiency during the Team Challenge.

What happened when you first heard about the attack on Sarillion?

I was very shocked and saddened when I heard about the attack. I love Sarillion and I do not want anything bad to happen to my home planet. I could have easily been infected by Cloud Sickness by believing the lies that the Clouds spread, but my father has always reminded me that I have to search for the facts and the ideas that will solve problems and not let gossip or fear get the best of me. I am much more effective in protecting Sarillion if I talk to others about ideas they have and then take action.

What have you been doing during the attack on Sarillion?

I meet with my father and the Idea Seeker Council nearly every day. Together, we discuss strategies on fighting the Darkness and how the Idea Seeker Teams can get involved. Many Idea Seekers are sharing facts, pictures and wonderful ideas and we listen to each and every communication.

Most importantly, I encourage the Idea Seeker Teams to continue their great work in the Team Challenge. The Idea Seeker Teams did not hesitate to get involved in learning the facts about climate change and energy efficiency and then sharing this important information with the Pleethars and anyone else who can make changes.

This is such a chaotic time for you and all of Sarillion. What keeps you positive in such a trying time?

Seeing all the Idea Seeker Teams join forces in the Team Challenge really keeps me positive. I hope to inspire them, but I think they inspire me even more.

Furthermore, I am very happy that so many Pleethars refused to be Clouded. Though we did lose a few Pleethars to the Darkness and they are now Warrior Drones, most of the Pleethars really listened to the facts about climate change. Now they are working very hard to become more energy efficient. I recently came from one Pleethars' home where they showed me all they've done to be more energy efficient in their house, including using compact fluorescent lightbulbs, installing programmable thermostats and recycling glass and plastic bottles.

I also heard of a school group that became so concerned about climate change affecting different animals on Sarillion like the Bolson Tortoise and the Bearded Seal that they've decided to start a charitable organization to help these wonderful creatures. Look for more on that coming soon in our Palace Courtyard.

Why is it so important to fight in the Team Challenge?

There are so many reasons to fight in the Team Challenge. First, Sarillion is a beautiful planet and the only planet of its kind. It is place that we must protect from the environmental losses that climate change can cause. Climate change has already caused big storms on the coasts and heat waves in different areas. Our glaciers are melting, water is covering coastal land and grasslands are turning into deserts.

Second, we are not the only ones on Sarillion. We share this planet with animals and plants and we must protect Sarillion for their sake. We are a key planet for growing Hope and Patience Plant Babies, if we can't provide a safe area we will have less and less of these to share with others.

Finally, one person can't fight the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos alone. It is important for Idea Seekers Teams, no matter if they are Humans, Machooians or Pleethars, to work together on solving Sarillion's Climate Crisis. Sarillion is stronger when we work together than when we divide ourselves by being lazy or by having petty arguments.

Besides doing the Team Challenge Expeditions, what else can the Idea Seeker Teams do?

Some of our most brilliant artists on Sarillion have become too clouded to create art, including designing T-shirts. It is up to all Idea Seeker Teams to give us design ideas that can go on a T-shirt. These ideas should be about fighting climate change. Any message that the Teams are learning as they do the Expeditions are important to share. Idea Seeker Teams must submit these T-shirt ideas to win the Team Challenge. The winning T-shirt ideas will be made into real T-shirts that both Idea Seekers and kids throughout the Universe can buy and wear.

Will you wear a T-shirt with the winning ideas?

Of course, I love originally designed fashions! And I'll even throw a party at the Palace to show all the cool designs that have been made!

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