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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Alyson, 9, United States

Dumonde, one day had nothing. But as the class president he had to at least build a model. So all day he thought and thought. Luckily, it was due Monday so he'd have the weekend.

The next day he was called for a quest. All the Clouds were there, even ones that were destroyed in 1876.

"Am I to believe you never heard of these three clouds?" asked Darkness of Dumbness in his loud obnoxious voice, "Ha, well then meet Impatience, Loudmouth, and Destructo! The best Clouds ever discovered. Did I say best?"

"Ya, you said be..." exclaimed Kimma. Though she was cut off by Darkness, he understood what she was saying. Darkness said, "Anyway these clouds will destroy you."

Then suddenly Dumonde called out, "You'll never defeat us." And he was right.

So by the time he got back home it was 12:00. He'd thought of what he was going to do for the project. He called it a CO2 Air Capture Machine. It took him a half hour to design it and choose the color. Then he built it carefully to get it just right. When he was done they went out for a bite to eat.

But the next day his project was gone! He ran to Kimma and she went to his room and quickly gasped, "Who could have done this? I think I know. look over there." Dumonde pointed to the place at which he'd set his project.

"Ya, so what about it?" Kimma said.

"It's Dark, the Mark of Dark Cloud." Dumonde said. "He stole it."

"Well I'm not surprised", Kimma said, "you did embarrass him in front of every evil cloud."

"True, SO CAN WE GO GET IT FROM HIM?" shouted Dumonde excitedly (as always).

When they all got there they came up with a plan. It was easy to follow because of its simplicity. So the plan was find a partner and every time you run into a cloud one would fight and the other would keep going until they found a cloud to fight.

And sure enough he got it back. He displayed the CO2 Air Capture Machine not only to the class but to the whole school.

But don't get too excited just yet, because Kimma got elected school president the very next week! Write Me A Story

By Tayhlor - 12 - USA

"And that's how I got this," my best friend Andy said.

Today was show and tell day and Andy thought that it would be cool to show off a water sample bottle filled with murky water from the Murky Lake. I held my nose, as a whiff of that stinky lake water entered my nose. I thought that Andy was crazy when he went down to the Murky Lake and filled a bottle up with the water. He had dared me to do the same thing, but I wasn't going to get water out of that lake. There was a rumor about a big Swamp Creature with one eye like the Cyclops and three slimy legs on his green and gooey body that lived in the Murky Lake. That was why everyone was so amazed that Andy came out alive.

"Hey, meet me at the park," Andy told me, as he left out of the classroom.

That afternoon, I rode on my bike to the park and met Andy there. He was holding two bottles in his hand.

"What are those for?" I asked Andy.

"For you and me. We're going to that lake and you're going to get some water out of it with me," Andy told me, smiling.

"I think I'll go home now," I said, turning my bike around.

"Hey chicken. You're nothing but a chicken!" Andy yelled at me, clucking like a chicken.

I sighed and turned my bike around, as I followed Andy down to the lake. When we got there, we set our kickstand on our bikes down and walked down to the lake.

"Here," Andy said, as he thrust one of the bottles at me.

I caught it and bent down to the lake. As I scooped some water into the bottle, a green hand grabbed me and I screamed. I heard someone laughing, I knew it was Andy, but was someone else laughing. I opened my eyes and realized that it was Andy's big brother covered in seaweed and hiding one of his eyes. The extra seaweed on his body made him look like he had an extra leg.

"You should've seen your face," Andy told me, with his face red from laughter.

I walked back up to my bike and rode home. That next morning at school, word got out that I was brave enough to go down to the lake with Andy and actually got grabbed by the creature itself. The true story was told and everything was back to normal. I sat back and relaxed, because I didn't have to worry about the Swamp Creature. That little scare made me braver. Hey maybe the next time I might do something new and exciting, like my best friend Andy.



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